My Quest for Wireless Charging with an Otterbox Ended with a Company Called Youshares

My recent migration to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge had me all excited about the prospects of wireless charging.  Right after selecting an Otterbox Defender as my day to day case, my excitement abated slightly as I remembered how thick this case was.  Thankfully I found the Youshares Halo Wireless Fast Charging Pad. The Youshares Halo Wireless Fast Charging Pad sits on my dresser.  That’s what you see in the photo that accompanies this article.  This is one of three that I have deployed. Settling on the Youshares charging pad was no easy feat as I tried several other brands.  The … Read more

How does Qi Wireless Charging Work and Why Do You Need It?

Qi wireless charging is just plain great.  What a terrific invention.  I hate having to plug my phone in every night.  You have to match up the plug with the little hole on the phone and plug it in.  It’s even worse with a thick case because the plug is somewhat recessed and you need to pull a flap out of the way. This is where Qi wireless charging comes into play.  What’s Qi wireless charging in a few sentences?  It’s a powered pad or disk.  You just lay your phone down on the Qi charging pad and that’s it. … Read more

NFC: What is it and what can you do with it?

Let’s discuss NFC technology and how this fairly new technology can make your everyday life a little easier.  NFC has become quite popular with certain Android based smartphones and tablets manufactured over the past few years.  Not so much with Apple, although you might be surprised to know it’s used for Apple Pay. NFC stands for Near Field Communication. This technology allows devices to communicate with other devices.  Your device looks for what’s called an NFC tag.  A tag looks like a round or square adhesive disk with a small circuit board embedded into it.  You might be using this technology without even knowing … Read more

Qi Enabled Smartphone Car Mounts and Holders

Samsung continues to be one of the leaders when it comes to smartphone hardware technology.  Qi charging technology is another innovation where Samsung is leading the way.  Having to plug that lightning cable into my Apple iPhone 6s Plus every night is annoying.  The fact that I have an Otterbox Defender case makes it all that much more difficult.  I have great appreciation for this new charging technology.  The technology has been embraced by Samsung and a few other companies.  Sadly, not by Apple. The premise of Qi is pretty simple.  Place your phone on a Qi charging pad and your … Read more

NFC Car Mounts for Smartphones and Tablets

Today, we’re going to talk about NFC car mounts.  NFC is an acronym for Near Field Communication. NFC technology allows smartphones and tablets communicate with other devices containing an NFC tag.  An NFC tag looks like a round or square adhesive disk with a small circuit board embedded into it.  You might be using this technology without even knowing it.  For example, you know the bump thing that’s done between smartphones to swap contact information and photos?  That’s NFC. NFC has been aggressively embraced by Google with their Android operating system and supporting hardware vendors.  They have recently purchased the Bump application to make … Read more

Car and Motorcycle Mounts for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Samsung’s recent introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a very formidable answer to the Apple iPhone 6.  It’s roughly the same physical size as the Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as the Apple iPhone 6.  There are two models of the S6 which include the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge.  The S6 Edge has a slightly curved rounded sides to the display versus the S6 which resembles a traditional smartphone’s display.  Both feature a display using the new Gorilla Glass 4 which is extremely scratch resistant (and hopefully less resistant to breaking with an accidental drop). The … Read more