Magnetic Metal Surface Mounts for Tablets and Phones

Today we discuss how to stick a phone or tablet to a metal surface.  There are a lot of instances where metal surface mounts come in handy.  Think about stuff made of metal.  A refrigerator door, work bench, file cabinet, even the side of a stationary car (key word is stationary, I don’t like to use these mounts on the outside of a moving vehicle). There are a few ways to attach your phone or tablet to a metal surface.  The most obvious way is to use a mount that has an adhesive bottom but that isn’t ideal since it’s … Read more

Industrial Heavy Duty Tablet Mounts

Tablets have made their way into industrial warehouse settings.  Broken tablets have also made their way into industrial warehouse settings.  It’s time for an article on heavy duty tablet mounts.  We are going to look at heavy duty tablet mounts with universal cradles.  This means they are going to fit mainstream tablets such as the Apple iPad, Apple iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Tab with or without a case or skin. Many of today’s warehouse management application suites have a mobile option that runs on an Apple iPad.  I have even seen stand alone inventory apps.  Makes sense.  Tablets are … Read more

How to Mount a Tablet to a Wall

I recently read that 5% of all cable TV subscribers had cut the cord.  They were using services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube or Amazon Prime to watch their favorite TV shows.  Typically using a tablet of smartphone to do this, it gets tricky to share the device when you watching it with another person.  It also gets tiring to hold your device for the duration of an entire TV show or movie.  Like your flat screen TV, what if you could mount the tablet to your living room or bedroom wall?  In this article, we will show you how to … Read more

RAM Offers Versatility and Universal Fit with X-Grip Cradles

RAM X-Grip holders were first introduced several years ago with their uniquely designed X-Grip cradle for cell phones.  Since then, four additional sizes have been announced.  I would like to say there couldn’t possibly be room for any additions to the X-Grip line, but I’m betting we’ll be updating this post a few more times. The X-Grip concept is to pretty basic.  Easy to get your device in and out and make it fit regardless of the presence of a case or skin.  Also, make it compatible with the basic RAM mounting components.  This last point is important as it … Read more