Mounts for Yamaha YZF-R3 Motorcycles

The Yamaha YZF-R3 is one of the company’s best selling motorcycles.  The challenge of mounting anything on this model motorcycle is the lack of a traditional handlebar.  Brands like Harley-Davidson make mounting phones, GPS devices and cameras easy because these have a traditional handlebar with a lot of real estate.  Just pick a well made handlebar mount with a quality holder, attach it to the handlebar and off you go.  Not so with the Yamaha YZF-R3.  So let’s take a look at some options. As I investigated what types of mounts fit the Yamaha YZF-R3, I found it to be … Read more

RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount with X-Grip Cradle Review

I remember when RAM first introduced the X-Grip cradle.  It was one of the most unusual looking cradles I had ever seen.  It was a completely different way of thinking about a universal cell phone cradle.  I ordered a batch and tried one out.  The X-Grip was easy to use and could be operated with one hand.  This was not your basic plastic cradle.  Made of mostly metal, the X-Grip holder held my old iPhone more tightly than anything I had seen to date.  Coupled with the Twist Lock Suction Cup assembly and metal arm, the RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount … Read more

Locking Motorcycle Mounts for GPS, Tablets, Smartphones

A lot of motorcycle owners would like to leave their stuff on their bike and not have to worry about it being stolen.  Locking motorcycle mounts can be a good deterrent to theft of the mount itself and, if you have the proper cradles, can also prevent theft of the device that’s being mounted. Let’s start with the discussion with what it takes to make the mount anti-theft.  A good rule of thumb is that if the mount is really easy to install, it’s going to be really easy to remove.  You don’t want that.  Good locking motorcycle mounts require … Read more

Mounts for Polaris ATVs

Today, we take a look at mounts for Polaris ATVs.  Polaris model such as the Ranger and RZR present unique challenges in finding the right mounts for cameras, cell phones or GPS units.  Depending upon which model from Polaris you may have, traditional motorcycle mounts aren’t likely to work and neither will an ordinary car mount.  The reason for traditional motorcycle mounts not working is that the vast majority of bikes deploy a handlebar mount that fits up to 1.25 inches in diameter.  Polaris ATVs do not have a traditional handlebar.  Time to get creative.  Luckily we know of a few options which we will … Read more

Mounts for Vespa Scooters

Like many motorized bike owners, Vespa owners like to mount things on their scooters.  The most popular items mounted are cameras, cell phones and GPS units.  Mounting locations for a Vespa isn’t as easy as a motorcycle because there isn’t much of a handlebar.  It’s a way different design from a conventional motorcycle such as a Harley or Suzuki. There are three good locations for mounting devices on a Vespa which are reviewed below.  Although you might be tempted to use a suction cup somewhere on your Vespa, we don’t recommend it.  Suction cups in high vibration environments can become … Read more

Mounts for Suzuki Burgman Motorcycles

The Suzuki Burgman was introduced in 1999 and is a popular motorcycle in North America and Europe.  Today we discuss mounts for Suzuki Burgman motorcycles. The Suzuki Burgman line is not an easy bike to put a mount on.  The choices are limited due to the unique style.  It does not have a traditional handlebar similar to a Harley-Davidson, so handlebar mounts are out.  The clutch does not have any exposed points for mounting either.  Similar to a Honda Goldwing, I have read many a post and seen a few riders that have used adhesive or bungee cords.  There are certain adhesives … Read more