RAM 2.25″ Ball Marine Electronics Mount Product Spotlight

RAM manufactures some great heavy-duty mounts for Fishfinders, Chartplotters and other marine electronics.  When it comes to a mount that can handle the largest and heaviest marine electronics, perhaps none are as versatile as the RAM 2.25″ Ball Marine Electronics Mount.  The addition of a mount such as this offer advantages that you will not get if simply attaching the manufacturer bracket to a flat surface.  The most obvious advantages are the ability to place the device at a variety of angles and the ease of removal of the device. RAM makes their mounts with a few different ball sizes and … Read more

Marine Electronics Mounting Accessories for Lowrance, Garmin, Humminbird

Ahoy.  Have a Fishfinder, Chartplotter or GPS and the stock mounting bracket isn’t cutting it?  Common problem. Most marine electronics are larger than your typical GPS unit and coupled with the unique requirements of using your device on a boat, a need for something larger and more flexible than a flush mount might be required.  You want that mount to be rugged and resistant to the elements.  Many aftermarket mounts couple with your current bracket to add a more secure grasp to your device while allowing it to be moved to a more convenient location, often closer to the user or even … Read more