Phone and GPS Mounts for Kawasaki Vulcan Motorcycles

I attended the 2016 Gooch’s Garlic Run earlier this month.  I have written about this annual event before.  It’s for a good cause and each year a few thousand bikers show up for the annual ride to downtown Newark.  There were a few Kawasaki Vulcan models present and I snapped a photo of one so I could write a good article.  So, here’s our article about mounts and holders for Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycles. The photo that accompanies this article shows the Kawasaki Vulcan.  This is another easy motorcycle for mounting a phone or GPS.  Lots of handlebar space.  Also a few other … Read more

Mounts for Suzuki Burgman Motorcycles

The Suzuki Burgman was introduced in 1999 and is a popular motorcycle in North America and Europe.  Today we discuss mounts for Suzuki Burgman motorcycles. The Suzuki Burgman line is not an easy bike to put a mount on.  The choices are limited due to the unique style.  It does not have a traditional handlebar similar to a Harley-Davidson, so handlebar mounts are out.  The clutch does not have any exposed points for mounting either.  Similar to a Honda Goldwing, I have read many a post and seen a few riders that have used adhesive or bungee cords.  There are certain adhesives … Read more

RAM Motorcycle Mounts for Places Other than the Handlebar

Today, we are writing for those wanting to put a device on their motorcycle but not on their handlebar.  This request is more common than you might think.  Many motorcycles do not have a standard round handlebar.  In some cases you simply may not have sufficient space on your handlebar. Fortunately our buddies at RAM Mount have provided plenty of options.  The most common non handlebar mount is the base for the brake or clutch reservoir.  Commonly used on Harley Davidson and Honda models like the Goldwing, the RAM-B-174U models work quite well and comes with replacement bolts for your motorcycle … Read more