RAM Motorcycle Brake and Clutch Reservoir Bases

RAM Mount offers a variety of motorcycle brake and clutch reservoir bases.  These bases have been available for many years and is the base for the mount that’s used for those that do not have a traditional handlebar or simply want to mount their device somewhere other than the traditional handlebar.  It’s extremely popular with Honda Goldwing owners as well as Harley-Davidson people.  This base forms the basis for custom configurations when paired with RAM’s huge selection of  custom cradles as well as their universal X-Grip holders for phones and tablets (you can read a detailed article on X-Grip cradles here). … Read more

Mounting Gadgets on a Honda Goldwing

The Honda Goldwing has been manufactured for roughly 40 years.  Over 600,00 have been sold mostly in the United States.  A very popular model, but challenging to mount your GPS, smartphone, or whatever gadget you have to your bike.  Earlier versions had a handlebar.  Handlebar mounts are by far the most popular location to mount gadgets.  I would say roughly 95% of all motorcycle mounts sold are indeed the handlebar variety.  Paired with a custom cradle, a handlebar mount can accommodate practically any device imaginable.  We have even seen motorcycle drink mounts.  While we aren’t fans of the practice, riders can … Read more

RAM Motorcycle Mounts for Places Other than the Handlebar

Today, we are writing for those wanting to put a device on their motorcycle but not on their handlebar.  This request is more common than you might think.  Many motorcycles do not have a standard round handlebar.  In some cases you simply may not have sufficient space on your handlebar. Fortunately our buddies at RAM Mount have provided plenty of options.  The most common non handlebar mount is the base for the brake or clutch reservoir.  Commonly used on Harley Davidson and Honda models like the Goldwing, the RAM-B-174U models work quite well and comes with replacement bolts for your motorcycle … Read more