How to Install a RAM Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

Look at all those parts!  It might look a little daunting but it’s actually quite easy to install a RAM motorcycle handlebar mount.  This article will walk you through the process. The common components to any RAM motorcycle handlebar mount are the RAM Zinc Coated U-Bolt Mounting Base with 1 inch Ball and the Ram Mount Double Socket Arm.  While there are three different sizes of 1″ ball arms, I have found the standard size to work in most situations.  Typically, but not always, these are purchased as a kit along with a RAM Mounting Diamond.  These components are what is used to … Read more

RAM Motorcycle and Bicycle Handlebar Mounts for Electronics

We have been working with RAM motorcycle and bicycle mounts for many years.  They make great mounts which carry a manufacturer lifetime warranty.  They make a lot of mounts.  We mean a LOT of mounts.  Sometimes the selection can be daunting and we thought a blog posting on the various handlebar models would help to highlight the different types and purposes.  Their products range from simply handlebar mounts for bicycles to metal mounts for motorcycles and ATVs. First up are the mounts most suitable for bicycles.  The RAP-274U is a simple plastic mount that fits bars up to an inch.  It … Read more

RAM Motorcycle Mounts for Places Other than the Handlebar

Today, we are writing for those wanting to put a device on their motorcycle but not on their handlebar.  This request is more common than you might think.  Many motorcycles do not have a standard round handlebar.  In some cases you simply may not have sufficient space on your handlebar. Fortunately our buddies at RAM Mount have provided plenty of options.  The most common non handlebar mount is the base for the brake or clutch reservoir.  Commonly used on Harley Davidson and Honda models like the Goldwing, the RAM-B-174U models work quite well and comes with replacement bolts for your motorcycle … Read more