RAM Mount Extensions

A perceived limitation of RAM Mounts is the length.  A lot of RAM Mount owners aren’t aware of the many ways to extend the mount beyond the base arm.  Yes, there are ways to extend your mount beyond the three inch arm.  Today, we discuss RAM Mount extensions in detail. The premise behind a RAM Mount extension is fairly simple.  Put a one-inch ball on each end and then have a good sturdy metal rod in the middle.  Attach an arm on one end, another arm on the other end.  Or is that simple? There are a few small details … Read more

An Overview of RAM Arms for 1 Inch Balls

If you are reading this article, you are likely trying to pick out components to complete a mounting solution. RAM Mounts has a wide array of components and it’s sometimes a challenge to choose the right ones. This article will review the arm component which is what is needed to connect the base and the attachment adapter. The base is typically what is attached to your vehicle or surface such as a boat, handlebar ow windshield. The attachment adapter will connect to your device or a custom cradle. Both the base and attachment adapter have a rubber ball. The arm … Read more