Locking Motorcycle Mounts for GPS, Tablets, Smartphones

A lot of motorcycle owners would like to leave their stuff on their bike and not have to worry about it being stolen.  Locking motorcycle mounts can be a good deterrent to theft of the mount itself and, if you have the proper cradles, can also prevent theft of the device that’s being mounted. Let’s start with the discussion with what it takes to make the mount anti-theft.  A good rule of thumb is that if the mount is really easy to install, it’s going to be really easy to remove.  You don’t want that.  Good locking motorcycle mounts require … Read more

Car Mounts for Bully Dog GT and WatchDog Performance Tuner

The Bully Dog GT Gas Tuner allows tuning of certain car engines.  The custom tunes are typically created by a tuning company that specializes in this service.  A tuner is typically used to improve engine performance and can result in better MPG.  This article speaks to mounting options for the popular Bully Dog GT and WatchDog Tuners. It’s fairly simple to mount these tuners.  The back of the Bully Dog Tuner will have a port for the connector and right above that is a slot.  The mounts that are discussed in this article have a tab, also known as a single T ending. … Read more

RAM Flat Surface Mount Bases

This article is for the person that knows what RAM cradle or holder they need but need some help with the mount.  There are many options for flat surfaces.  Some use adhesive, others a magnet, there’s a suction cup and then there are many that use bolts.  Out of the four, the bolt-on is the most popular, but sometimes you may not want to drive screws into the surface so we will discuss all four options. So let’s start with the most common surface solution which is the bolt-on method.  The RAM 2.5″ Base with 1″ Ball is the standard flat … Read more

RAM Medium/Wide Aqua Box for GPS Devices

The RAM Medium/Wide Size Aqua Box is one of the most rugged weatherproof devices that I have seen.  The ruggedness of the Aqua Box makes it ideal for high vibration outdoor use such as on a motorcycle, boat or ATV when coupled with metal RAM mount. The Aqua Box is constructed of a heavy plastic with a clear lens.  The lens is sensitive enough so that you can still interface with your device.  You do need to apply some additional pressure, but you can program your destination prior to riding without removal from the Aqua Box.  So the Aqua Box is … Read more

How to Lock a RAM Mount

RAM makes an excellent mounting system.  They are well made, very stable and come with a lifetime warranty.  However, they are also very easy to steal.  While it’s almost impossible to make anything completely theft-proof, there are some add-on options that will make your expensive RAM Mount a lot more difficult to steal. The first line of defense is the base.  Use a base that uses tools for attachment such as flat surface mount or a u-bolt handlebar mount.  The RAM Flat Surface Base has pre-drilled holes for mounting with bolts to a flat surface.  This is an example of … Read more

TomTom Rider 400 Car and Motorcycle Mounts

After many years, TomTom has refreshed their successful line of motorcycle GPS devices with the recent introduction of the TomTom Rider 400.  The GPS features lifetime map updates and traffic.  It features a 4.3 inch screen.  The battery life of 6 hours is very good as most are typically topped out at three hours.  The included cradle has a hardwire cable integrated within which means that you should be careful not to damage the cable.  The back of the cradle has the industry standard AMPS pattern which is a 4-hole pattern supported by a lot of mount manufacturers. We applaud … Read more