Magnetic Metal Surface Mounts for Tablets and Phones

Today we discuss how to stick a phone or tablet to a metal surface.  There are a lot of instances where metal surface mounts come in handy.  Think about stuff made of metal.  A refrigerator door, work bench, file cabinet, even the side of a stationary car (key word is stationary, I don’t like to use these mounts on the outside of a moving vehicle). There are a few ways to attach your phone or tablet to a metal surface.  The most obvious way is to use a mount that has an adhesive bottom but that isn’t ideal since it’s … Read more

RAM Flat Surface Mount Bases

This article is for the person that knows what RAM cradle or holder they need but need some help with the mount.  There are many options for flat surfaces.  Some use adhesive, others a magnet, there’s a suction cup and then there are many that use bolts.  Out of the four, the bolt-on is the most popular, but sometimes you may not want to drive screws into the surface so we will discuss all four options. So let’s start with the most common surface solution which is the bolt-on method.  The RAM 2.5″ Base with 1″ Ball is the standard flat … Read more