Mounts for the BMW Navigator Adventure GPS

What do you get when you cross a Garmin Montana handheld GPS with a Garmin Zumo GPS?  A BMW Navigator GPS.  BMW and Garmin have partnered numerous times over the past decade to produce some fairly nice GPS units.  The BMW Navigator Adventure GPS very closely resembles a Garmin Montana GPS but has motorcycle GPS firmware and maps loaded to it. So here’s the trick to accessories for a BMW Navigator Adventure.  Buy the ones made for a Garmin Montana.  That’s what we will be recommending in this article. The BMW Navigator Adventure is best used in landscape so be sure that … Read more

AMPS Pattern Mounts

The mounting industry does not have an official standard but the AMPS pattern might be as close as you can get (at least for small electronics).  The AMPS pattern is a series of four holes aligned in a rectangular pattern.  Some manufacturers use two of the four holes while maintaining the AMPS pattern spacing dimensions.  The mounting pattern consists of four holes in a rectangular pattern spaced 1.188 inches by 1.813 inches.  Some manufacturers also have 2-hole adapters that support the diagonal measurement of 1.912 inches. The AMPS pattern is fairly well-known in the HAM Radio industry where many head plates from … Read more

TomTom Rider Mounts

TomTom first introduced a GPS made specifically for a motorcycle called the TomTom Rider roughly ten years ago.  It was then followed up with a refresh known as the TomTom Rider v2.  The problem with the older TomTom Rider generations is that a few years after they introduced the GPS in the United States, they stopped selling accessories.  This left the TomTom Rider owner who potentially spent hundreds of dollars on a GPS in a real bind when it came to replacing a mount or cradle.  Fortunately there are options that aren’t always made by TomTom that may work as well as … Read more

Mounts for the Garmin Montana GPS

Garmin recently released their long awaited refresh to their handheld GPS line.  The Garmin Montana offers several different models and is a truly diverse line.  The 4-inch display is completely overhauled with a smartphone like feel to it and the ability to customize your homepage and views.  The Garmin Montana 600 a 3-axis compass with barometric altimeter, ability to create way points, and satellite imagery.  It’s perfect for geocachers, hikers and hunters.  The Garmin Montana 680t is the most current top of the line and adds the ability to track both GPS and GLONASS satellites and has preloaded TOPO U.S. 100K maps which includes … Read more