Motorcycle Stem Mounts

A motorcycle stem mount (also known as a fork stem) typically fits the steering stem hole in the top triple clamp assembly.  By adding custom or universal cradles, the stem makes a nice location for mounting small devices such as cell phones, radar detectors and GPS units. Typical instructions involves inserting a stem accessory which is manufactured by mounting companies specifically for this purpose.  Some stem mounts are made of multiple parts and are fastened with machine screws into the stem.  Other stem mounts are manufactured of a thick rubber component and the mount is twisted tightly into the stem … Read more

Garmin Zumo Motorcycle Mounts and Holders

The Garmin Zumo was first introduced in 2006 for motorcycles.  Garmin realized that TomTom was dominating the motorcycle spaces with their TomTom Rider and introduced these to compete with TomTom.  This line of GPS has been very popular with motorcyclists and Garmin has introduced ten  Zumo models to date.  Surprisingly, not all Zumo models come with a motorcycle mount in the box which never made a lot of sense to me.  This article will discuss mounting options for the Garmin Zumo line of GPS devices. The Garmin Zumo motorcycle mounts we will discuss in the following few paragraphs apply to the … Read more

RAM Motorcycle and Bicycle Handlebar Mounts for Electronics

We have been working with RAM motorcycle and bicycle mounts for many years.  They make great mounts which carry a manufacturer lifetime warranty.  They make a lot of mounts.  We mean a LOT of mounts.  Sometimes the selection can be daunting and we thought a blog posting on the various handlebar models would help to highlight the different types and purposes.  Their products range from simply handlebar mounts for bicycles to metal mounts for motorcycles and ATVs. First up are the mounts most suitable for bicycles.  The RAP-274U is a simple plastic mount that fits bars up to an inch.  It … Read more