Phone, GPS and Camera Mounts for a Honda CBR1000RR Motorcycle

On a warm November day, I made a trip to the Jersey Shore.  Always looking for ideas for mount articles, I ran into a Honda CBR1000RR.  My first thought was how do you mount something to this motorcycle? Fortunately I was able to get a good look and even snap a photo of the cockpit which is attached to this article.  Turns out there are a few locations that will work well on a Honda CBR1000RR to mount a phone, GPS or camera. The reason the Honda CBR1000RR isn’t a straightforward mount project is there’s a lack of handlebar real … Read more

Motorcycle Fork Stem Phone Mounts

A motorcycle fork stem mount fits the steering stem hole in the top triple clamp assembly.  This is a popular location for a smartphone unit as it is easy to see and doesn’t take up any handlebar space.  This is especially useful for motorcycles that do not have a traditional handlebar. Typical mounting procedures call for inserting a stem accessory which is manufactured specifically for this location.  Some stem mounts are made of multiple parts and are fastened with machine screws into the stem.  Other stem mounts are manufactured of a thick rubber component and the mount is twisted tightly into the … Read more