The Best Car Mounts for Waze Users

Running this site since the early days of Waze, I have tried a lot of car mounts when using this excellent app.  So I figured it would be a worthwhile activity to write an article on what I found to be the best car mounts for Waze users. The requirements for a good mount to use with Waze are a little different from those used for a GPS.  A GPS typically has a custom connection on the back or as part of a cradle and the only requirement is that you have a good view of the display.  A GPS … Read more

RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount with X-Grip Cradle Review

I remember when RAM first introduced the X-Grip cradle.  It was one of the most unusual looking cradles I had ever seen.  It was a completely different way of thinking about a universal cell phone cradle.  I ordered a batch and tried one out.  The X-Grip was easy to use and could be operated with one hand.  This was not your basic plastic cradle.  Made of mostly metal, the X-Grip holder held my old iPhone more tightly than anything I had seen to date.  Coupled with the Twist Lock Suction Cup assembly and metal arm, the RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount … Read more

Mio GPS Replacement Car Mount Options

Back in the golden days of GPS devices, before the time of smartphones and Waze, there were a lot of GPS manufacturers.  Mio was one of them.  Mio made a line of lower priced GPS devices and sold them all over the world, including North America and Europe.  I don’t think they are sold in the US any longer, and I know it’s almost impossible to find any mounts.  This article is written for those that have a Mio GPS, and it’s working fine for them, but the mount doesn’t work any longer. Mio made a variety of GPS devices. … Read more

Car Sunroof Mounts for Smartphones and Tablets

Just when I thought we covered every possible mounting location for a phone or tablet, along comes one that we missed.  Today, we discuss car sunroof mounts for smartphones and tablets. So why would one want to mount their device on the sunroof?  To entertain the backseat passengers.  In the past, I have always recommended a good car headrest mount for this purpose.  Seemed like a great location for a tablet.  Even chose my favorite car headrest mount which we discussed in this article.  Then today, someone mentioned the sunroof to me.  I really never thought of that before, but … Read more