Phone, GPS and Drink Mounts for a BMW R1200RT Motorcycle

The BMW R1200RT is a touring motorcycle that has been around since 2005.  There have been one major design change since then.  Because of the lack of traditional handlebar where there’s some spare mounting space, this motorcycle is a bit more challenging to mount a phone, GPS, camera or drink holder. The photo that accompanies this article is a BMW R1200RT.  This motorcycle owner has overcome the challenge of mounting his stuff.  He has a Garmin Zumo 590LM mounted to the fairing.  There’s a RAM X-Grip phone holder mounted to the center of where the handlebars attach.  The bottle of water wasn’t … Read more

Piaggio MP3 Scooter Cell Phone and GPS Mounts

Piaggio has manufactured in excess of 150,000 MP3 scooters since the introduction in 2006. That’s a large enough install base to warrant an article about Piaggio MP3 mounts for cell phones and GPS devices. The number of locations for mounting a cell phone or GPS to a Paggio MP3 scooter is much more limited than a typical motorcycle.  It’s a way different design from a conventional motorcycle such as a Harley-Davison or Suzuki, mainly because there’s no handlebar real estate to attach anything to.  This isn’t uncommon for a scooter.  Fortunately we identified some alternative mounts that will fit a Piaggio MP3 scooter quite well. … Read more

Mounts for BMW Motorcycles

BMW makes a lot of different motorcycle models and they all have different characteristics.  Some have a traditional handlebar and some do not.  A lot of them have large mirrors with a stem.  Some have an accessible fork stem hole.  Some do not.  These are all common places to mount a cell phone, camera or GPS. As mentioned in other articles on this topic, motorcycle owners like to mount things on their bikes.  The most popular items mounted are cell phones and GPS units.  I also see some that mount cameras, satellite radios and even drinks.  While the most popular … Read more

Genuine Stella Scooter Mounts for Phones, GPS and Cameras

The Genuine Scooter Company is the manufacturer of The Stella.  Like many motorized bike owners, Stella owners like to mount things on their scooters.  The most popular items mounted are cameras, phones and GPS units. Mounting locations on Stella scooters are limited.  It’s a way different design from a conventional motorcycle such as a Harley-Davison or Suzuki, mainly because there isn’t a traditional handlebar.  This is a common challenge for all scooter owners.  Fortunately there are alternative specialty mounts that will fit a Stella scooter. There are three good locations for mounting devices on a Genuine Stella Scooter which are discussed below.  Although you might be … Read more

How to Attach a GPS to a Motorcycle

This is a common reason for readers coming to our site.  They want to attach a GPS to a motorcycle.  In some cases, the subject is very new to them and have no clue as to where to start or if it is possible.  This article is for that reader where we will discuss everything from selection of a device to installation of a good GPS mount.  It’s not hard to do.  Think of this article as a primer for beginners.Many motorcyclists use a GPS on their motorcycle.  Hooking a GPS up to your motorcycle can be an extremely simple … Read more

How to Assemble a RAM Mount

We have been fans of RAM Mounts for many years.  They are really well made, even the plastic components are high quality.  They come with a lifetime warranty and will probably last longer than the device that you are using the mount for.  We have fielded a lot of questions over the years regarding RAM Mount assembly.  The questions range from which way the screws go to how do you put this RAM Mount together? This article is written to show the reader how to assemble a RAM Mount or to illustrate which parts are needed if you are looking to build … Read more