How to Attach a Garmin Cradle to a RAM Mount

If you take a look at the number of vehicle GPS units introduced by Garmin over the past  ten years, it’s well over 100.  For the year 2015, Garmin introduced 18 models just for the car.  Sure, some of these are merely map or feature variations of an existing model but it’s still a lot.  RAM used be able to keep up with Garmin in terms of coming out with custom cradles for each major Garmin GPS model, but for the past few years, they have not.  Deploying a RAM Mount for the latest Garmin GPS models means using a universal … Read more

RAM Flat Surface Mount Bases

This article is for the person that knows what RAM cradle or holder they need but need some help with the mount.  There are many options for flat surfaces.  Some use adhesive, others a magnet, there’s a suction cup and then there are many that use bolts.  Out of the four, the bolt-on is the most popular, but sometimes you may not want to drive screws into the surface so we will discuss all four options. So let’s start with the most common surface solution which is the bolt-on method.  The RAM 2.5″ Base with 1″ Ball is the standard flat … Read more

How to Assemble a RAM Mount

We have been fans of RAM Mounts for many years.  They are really well made, even the plastic components are high quality.  They come with a lifetime warranty and will probably last longer than the device that you are using the mount for.  We have fielded a lot of questions over the years regarding RAM Mount assembly.  The questions range from which way the screws go to how do you put this RAM Mount together? This article is written to show the reader how to assemble a RAM Mount or to illustrate which parts are needed if you are looking to build … Read more