Drink Holders for a Boat

Drink holders for a boat.  You can never have enough.  Sometimes, you have none.  We are going to look at ways to add cup holders to your boat. Placing your drink in any marine environment isn’t as straight forward as putting a mug on your living room coffee table.  Unlike a boat, your home isn’t going to move from side to side.  This means that you need a method to hold your drink stable and not let it tip over or have the contents splash out of the cup, glass, can or mug.  Outside of sipping your drink out of … Read more

Motorcycle Drink Holders

Riding in hot weather, especially wearing a helmet, is tough work.  You need to stay hydrated. Today, we discuss options available for motorcycle drink holders. A few key points to address before selecting your drink holder mount is how large of a drink you will want to place into the holder.  I have seen riders with a coffee mug taking sips at red lights.  This happened in Naples Florida where it’s a much  more relaxed environment than my home state of New Jersey.  Here in New Jersey, I typically see bottles of water.  You also need to think about where you … Read more

Beverage Mounts for Thirsty Motorcycle Riders

When we first heard about motorcyclists drinking their favorite carbonated beverage or coffee on their motorcycle, I thought it was a joke.  After seeing some of the mounts available for mounting on a motorcycle’s handlebar or clutch, I now know it’s a lot more popular that I thought. Turns out there are a handful of companies that manufacture mounts for motorcycles that feature a beverage holder.  Most attach to your handlebar and feature an extension to hold your cup or can.  Some even feature an insulated holder.  We took a look at three companies that make these types of mounts. … Read more