Lowrance Elite Fishfinder Mounting Options

The Lowrance Elite Series includes several versions of the lower cost Elite-4 as well as the more expensive and feature rich Elite-5.  In 2013, Lowrance then introduced the larger Elite-7.  Then in 2015, Lowrance came out with the Elite-3X.  While we aren’t Fishfinder experts, we are pretty good at mounts, so that’s what we will write about today.  We have found that the plastic mount included with the units leaves a bit to be desired.  Fortunately there are some nice new alternatives constructed of metal and heavy plastic.  Depending upon the manufacturer, some also come with a lifetime warranty. The … Read more

RAM Mounts for HAM Radios

Mounting a HAM Radio in your car, boat or motorcycle is never easy.  That’s because HAM radio manufacturers rarely make mounts for their devices.  Today we discuss how a leading mount manufacturer’s products can be used for HAM radios.  RAM mounts are extremely popular because they are very well made and come with a manufacturer lifetime warranty.  The solutions discussed in this article are mostly made of metal.  The advice in this article also applies to scanners and many CB radios as well. There are two HAM scenarios that we will discuss:  handheld and detachable front panels from transceivers.  Examples of transceivers with … Read more

Marine Electronics Mounting Accessories for Lowrance, Garmin, Humminbird

Ahoy.  Have a Fishfinder, Chartplotter or GPS and the stock mounting bracket isn’t cutting it?  Common problem. Most marine electronics are larger than your typical GPS unit and coupled with the unique requirements of using your device on a boat, a need for something larger and more flexible than a flush mount might be required.  You want that mount to be rugged and resistant to the elements.  Many aftermarket mounts couple with your current bracket to add a more secure grasp to your device while allowing it to be moved to a more convenient location, often closer to the user or even … Read more