How to Play an iPhone Through a Car Radio

A recent inquiry from a friend prompted some investigation worthy of sharing.  A new Apple iPhone 7 coupled with an old Subaru lacking current connectivity ports posed quite a dilemma for his 17 year old daughter.  She wants to play her iPhone through a car radio.  Not so simple in an older car. Wanting to make it right for his daughter, my friend was about to replace the head unit in his Subaru for hundreds of dollars.  The new head unit would provide her with a traditional interface to play audio from the iPhone and perhaps a little more in … Read more

Garmin Rino Mounts for the Car, Boat or Handlebar

I remember the Garmin Rino 110 when it was first introduced about ten years ago.  It was a unique product combining two-way radio and GPS capabilities.  Interestingly enough, the Garmin Rino is still a viable device.  Garmin has updated it several times with the latest Garmin Rino 755t having a three-inch color screen and features such as weather reports and a waterproof rating of IPX7. The interesting thing about the Garmin Rino is that the basic shape hasn’t changed very much.  Some of the mounts available for the current series even fit the older ones.  We will look at a … Read more

Mounting the Latest Sirius Car Radio Models: Stratus 7 Starmate 8 and OnyX

With many new cars coming with satellite radio already installed, we are surprised by the number of inquiries we field on aftermarket radios.  Sirius has recently released the Stratus 7, Starmate 8 and Onyx Plus radios.  Quite frankly these radios all comes with better displays and more features than the car installed radios.  The displays have more lines and most models have the ability to rewind.  Some can display album art and you can customize your own Sirius channels by blending several channels together.  I’m sure there are many Sirius users out there that already has a stock Sirius Radio in their … Read more