Mounting a Tablet Under a Kitchen Cabinet

There are a lot of reasons to mount a tablet under a kitchen cabinet. The tablet is a life altering device and you really don’t notice the effects until you sit back and look at how you did things ten years ago versus how you do it now. I was recently cooking dinner using a recipe from my favorite cooking site  Had my tablet out on the counter where I promptly coated the majority of the lens with flour.  Had I used a tablet mount, the device would have been elevated out-of-the-way and at eye level, not to mention … Read more

The Joy Factory Unite Universal Tablet Wall Mount

Tablets mounts for your home or office is a mostly ignored opportunity from the mount manufacturers (and by this web site).  The Joy Factory Unite Universal Tablet Carbon Fiber Wall Mount is a nice tablet wall mount for your mid to large size tablet on a wall or cabinet.  This is one of the better made mounts available for tablets. There are a lot of uses for this tablet wall mount.  My favorite is the kitchen where using an application such as Allrecipes for cooking instructions.  Believe me when I tell you that placing your tablet in a mount where you can … Read more