Mounts to Turn a Smartphone into a Home Security Camera

Like anyone who has been alive over the past ten years, I own several smartphones.  I recently upgraded my phone to an Apple iPhone 6s Plus.  I checked the going rates for the Apple iPhone 5s at was disappointed at the prices being offered so didn’t bother to sell it.  While investigating cloud services, I stumbled upon a few ways to turn a smartphone into a home security camera. There are two things to work on if turning your smartphone into a home security camera. First, there’s the software part.  There are several good apps and services that will turn your … Read more

Smartphone Tripod Mounts for Everyday Use

Smartphone tripod mounts are a fairly recent product introduction that has taken on some good momentum in terms of usefulness.  We aren’t talking about a full-sized 48″ tripod, but a large variety of mini tripods.  A mini tripod generally stands no more than 12 inches high, most are shorter.  They are used to mount your smartphone on a tabletop or, as you will see, wrapped around an object. So why do you need a smartphone tripod mount?  A lot of good reasons.  My favorite is for FaceTime or video conferencing.  Ever do FaceTime with someone while they hold their phone … Read more