Something New to Find Your Keys: The Cube Key Finder

I wrote an article about key finders about a year ago called Key Finders for Finding Your Lost Keys.  In that article I took a look at a few different key finders and still use the one that’s pictured.  I recently picked up what is a bit more advanced key finder called the Cube Key Finder.  It uses Bluetooth and even has its own smartphone app. Let’s take a detailed look at the Cube Key Finder. The photo that accompanies this article is my Cube Key Finder.  The product comes with a basic ring that facilitates attachment to a key ring, an … Read more

Key Finders for Finding Your Lost Keys

So last week I was ready for a road trip.  Got my wallet.  Got my phone.  Where’s my keys?  I lost my keys! If this is a common scenario in your home, you are not alone.  I do this at least once a week.  Unfortunately this time, the keys were really lost.  Looked all over for them.  This is now a major search mission.  Looked all over the house twice and finally uncovered them between the cushions of the couch.  I honestly don’t remember taking them to the couch, but that’s where they were. I have no plans to do … Read more