Phone, GPS and Tablet Mounts for a Mazda Miata

I have a friend with a Mazda Miata and while I can’t possibly fit in it, she seems to like it a lot.  The Mazda Miata is a small convertible that (in my opinion) is better suited for people other than really tall or really wide.  It has a small interior.  Not an easy car to mount a phone, GPS or tablet within. This isn’t an easy task.  The vents are small and round with narrow slats, there aren’t any useful cup holders and it’s too small of a car for a seat bolt mount. The windshield is the best … Read more

The Best Car Mounts for Waze Users

Running this site since the early days of Waze, I have tried a lot of car mounts when using this excellent app.  So I figured it would be a worthwhile activity to write an article on what I found to be the best car mounts for Waze users. The requirements for a good mount to use with Waze are a little different from those used for a GPS.  A GPS typically has a custom connection on the back or as part of a cradle and the only requirement is that you have a good view of the display.  A GPS … Read more

Smartphone Tripod Mounts for Everyday Use

Smartphone tripod mounts are a fairly recent product introduction that has taken on some good momentum in terms of usefulness.  We aren’t talking about a full-sized 48″ tripod, but a large variety of mini tripods.  A mini tripod generally stands no more than 12 inches high, most are shorter.  They are used to mount your smartphone on a tabletop or, as you will see, wrapped around an object. So why do you need a smartphone tripod mount?  A lot of good reasons.  My favorite is for FaceTime or video conferencing.  Ever do FaceTime with someone while they hold their phone … Read more

Car Air Vent Mounts

The air vent is one of my favorite mounting locations.  I like it because it keeps the device right where it’s convenient for you to see it.  I also like the fact that it keeps your device out of clear site of any potential bad guys.  Car air vent mounts are not clearly seen in a parking lot versus a traditional windshield suction cup mount or one for the dash.  Most dash mounts are easy to install.  Depending upon the vent mount, some are easy to remove (and some are not). Car air vent mounts are excellent for mounting a cell phone, … Read more