Watching Movies While on a Plane with Your iPhone, iPod or Any Smartphone

Airline movies, for the most part, aren’t very good.  It’s much better to rent a movie, download a podcast or even listen to music on your portable device.  The problem I have found is that after about twenty minutes of holding your device, your arm gets tired.  Also, try to fall asleep with the iPod on your lap.  Maybe you will get lucky and it won’t roll off your leg under the wheels on the darn drink cart.  The flight attendants drive those things like Indy Racers down the aisle.  Your tablet or phone is no match for a crazed flight … Read more

iRing Smartphone Grip and Kickstand

So I’m hanging out at the AT&T store purchasing my new Apple iPhone 6s Plus and speaking to the salesperson who is showing me his big giant Samsung Note 4.  He was trying to help me decide that the 6s Plus wasn’t too big for me pocket and invited me to stuff his phone into mine.  Turned out he was right but I noticed this little ring on the back of the phone which it turns out is called the iRing Smartphone Grip and Kickstand. So what’s an iRing?  It attaches to the back of your phone or case.  There … Read more