How to Make a Phone Stand When Live Streaming

The title for this article came from someone looking for an answer to this issue:  How do I make my phone stand when live streaming? Had to think about that one then I looked down at my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  Rounded beveled edges means this phone cannot stand on its side.  Not even with a big thick case.  You need some mount assistance for this feat.  (worth noting is my Apple iPhone 6s Plus in a big Otterbox Defender does indeed stand on its side all by itself) First question to ask is do you really want to make your … Read more

Phone, Tablet and GPS Mounts for a Nissan Pathfinder

Whenever it’s time for maintenance on one of my cars, I give myself some extra time to go through the showroom to check out the cars.  Of course, I’m not just looking at my next car but also how to mount a device.  Today, I had the opportunity to scope out a Nissan Pathfinder. I used to own one of these 20 years ago.  It’s changed a lot.  A Nissan Pathfinder is huge.  Much larger than twenty years ago.  It’s so large that I couldn’t do a head on photo of the dash and capture the entire view.  I had … Read more

Qi Enabled Smartphone Car Mounts and Holders

Samsung continues to be one of the leaders when it comes to smartphone hardware technology.  Qi charging technology is another innovation where Samsung is leading the way.  Having to plug that lightning cable into my Apple iPhone 6s Plus every night is annoying.  The fact that I have an Otterbox Defender case makes it all that much more difficult.  I have great appreciation for this new charging technology.  The technology has been embraced by Samsung and a few other companies.  Sadly, not by Apple. The premise of Qi is pretty simple.  Place your phone on a wireless charging pad and your phone gets … Read more

iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount for SmartPhones

The iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount for SmartPhones is an updated version of the company’s very successful One Touch model.  We will take a closer look at this well priced car mount and how it differs from the older model.  We wrote about the older model which is the iOttie Easy One Touch and you can read about that mount here. Like most universal mounts, the iOttie Easy One Touch 2 comes with two components.  The cradle and mount.  The mount itself differs from its predecessor by adding a sticky gel pad to the base.  I have seen this in … Read more

How to Apply a Suction Cup Mount to a Car Window

I know it sounds like an easy topic, but you would be surprised to know that it isn’t always as simple as just pressing the suction cup mount against the glass and walking away.  Suction cup mounts are among the most popular for mounting devices such as a smartphone, GPS, satellite radio or small tablet.  it’s especially handy when using your phone with a GPS application such as Waze. First, let’s talk about surface preparation.  The top reason for adherence issues with a suction cup mount is a dirty windshield.  Over time, you might notice a film developing on your … Read more

How to Tell a Well Made Mount from a Poorly Made Mount

It was over ten years ago when I first became interested in the area of mobile mounting products.  My first exposure was the need for a mount for my XM Satellite Radio.  I thought that I struck the jackpot when I first stumbled upon a mount that bolted to my car seat and attached to my Delphi Skyfi’s cradle.  In fact, that’s a photo of it that accompanies this article.  This was a well made mount.  Made of steel.  Literally.  I would still be using this mount today if I didn’t sell my car. Back when this photo was taken, there … Read more