Alternative Mounts for the GoPro HERO Session and HERO5 Session

The GoPro HERO Session and GoPro HERO5 Session are the latest in a series of smaller action cameras introduced by GoPro.  The major difference between these two cameras is video quality.  The lower priced GoPro HERO Session delivers 1440p video where the GoPro HERO5 Session shoots 4K video. The GoPro HERO Session and GoPro HERO5 Session are the same size and get mounted the same way.  When we refer to the GoPro HERO Session, all of our mounting comments equally apply to the GoPro HERO5 Session. The GoPro HERO Session comes with a few mounting accessories packaged in the box with … Read more

Baby Stroller Camera Mounts

Baby stroller camera mounts.  Great idea.  It’s difficult to push a stroller with one hand while holding your camera / GoPro with the other hand.  Going straight is easy, but turns are a real challenge.  Mounting a camera to a stroller puts it where it can see your baby or see yourself.  Plus baby stroller camera mounts make turning much easier. So that’s the purpose of this article.  We’re going to discuss a few good options for baby stroller camera mounts aka a baby carriage.  We’re going to talk about places to put it for the adult to use, not the small … Read more

Mounts for Garmin VIRB XE and VIRB X Action Cameras

The Garmin VIRB XE and Garmin VIRB X is the company’s answer to the GoPro Hero line of action cameras.  They compare favorably, and as you will see, even share a similar mount pattern. The Garmin VIRB XE action camera is another one of those model names that I can’t figure out.  Kind of like Nuvi.  What does the word mean?  I could think of a thousand words better than this.  Fortunately the VIRB XE is a good camera worthy of consideration.  The VIRB XE shoots high-definition wide-angle footage with 12 megapixel photos at up to 30 frames per second.  This is … Read more

Bicycle Mounts for GoPro Cameras

GoPro continues to be the dominant brand for action cameras sold all over the world.  We see a GoPro camera in almost every activity.  Just search Youtube and you will see for yourself.  One of the most common places to mount a GoPro is a bicycle and today we take a close look at bicycle mounts for GoPro cameras.  We will also discuss some specific options that work well on bicycles. First, figure out where you would like to place the mount.  Most bicycle mounts for GoPro cameras will reside on a handlebar.  Although a few may select the stem, … Read more