Mounts for the Garmin Drive 50 and 60 2016 GPS Series

The Garmin Drive has put an end to the ten-year old Garmin Nuvi line of GPS units.  For 2016, the annual refresh of Garmin’s GPS has renamed the consumer GPS line to “Drive”.  So now you will see terms like Drive, DriveSmart, DriveAssist and Driveluxe.  Garmin Drive includes the basic maps of the US or Canada and you get to select the maps when you purchase the GPS.  If you buy it in the US, it’s more than likely to be the US map model.  If purchased in Canada, then it’s a good bet that Canada is also included, but check … Read more

Car Dash Mounts for Garmin NuviCam LMTHD

The Garmin NuviCam LMTHD was introduced a short time back and has caught on to become quite popular.  Makes sense.  Dash cameras have become extraordinarily popular so Garmin combined the best of a GPS with a very good dash cam.  The camera paired with the 6″ GPS provides collision avoidance alerts if following too close to the car in front of you.  It also will provide lane departure alerts if you drift off the road or onto oncoming traffic.  The device also provides a high-definition camera which continually records your drive.  The camera is mounted on the back of the GPS … Read more

Replacing the Garmin Nuvi Suction Cup Mount

Garmin has been providing the same basic mount with their Nuvi GPS models since the beginning when they introduced the Garmin Nuvi 350.  Unlike the older StreetPilot series, the Nuvi was much thinner versus the brick sized Streetpilot line and the suction cup mount, pictured within this article, was a bit new to Garmin.  That old Streetpilot was a large heavy unit, so the larger Streetpilots were typically used with a dashboard mount.  In fact, I don’t recall if a suction cup mount was even available. So you’re probably reading this article because, as the title indicates, you need to replace … Read more

Garmin dezl 570LMT Truck and Car Mounts

The Garmin dezl 570LMT is Garmin’s annual truck GPS refresh of their 5″ screen model. This GPS includes many features including lifetime traffic, bluetooth and voice recognition. This upgraded model includes extra-loud, enhanced speakers to deliver clearly spoken, turn-by-turn directions that are loud enough to be heard over road noise.  The GPS has features that are useful for truckers such as routes customized towards the weight of the vehicle, truck stops and other information (such as bridge heights).  The Garmin dezl 570LMT includes features to permit the driver to enter their hours of service and related information such as number of miles driven in … Read more

Garmin Nuvi 2798LMT Car and Truck Mounts

The Garmin Nuvi 2798LMT is the first of the company’s GPS line to have a backup camera.  It looks like Garmin might be trying to introduce some new value added features to their aging Nuvi line.  We have seen backup cameras on a few models in Europe but this is a first for Garmin.  While certainly not a substitute for turning your head to check for oncoming vehicles, a backup camera is useful for backing into spaces to ensure you will not hit the object behind you.  The 2798LMT sports a lot of nice features including a big 7″ screen, lifetime map updates, integrated … Read more

Garmin dezl 770LMTHD Car and Truck Mounts

The Garmin dezl 770LMTHD is Garmin’s annual truck GPS refresh in the 7″ screen market. The 7-inch pinch-to-zoom display operates similarly to what you would find on any smartphone.  This GPS includes a lot of premium features including lifetime traffic, bluetooth and voice recognition.  The traffic that’s available for this GPS includes the HD version which is a bit more complete and accurate versus the standard that was available with the predecessor which was the 760LMT.  The GPS has features that are useful for truckers such as routes customized towards the weight of the vehicle, truck stops and other information (such as bridge heights). … Read more