iBolt MFI Approved Powered Car Mounts for Apple iPhone

Today, we’re going to look at an entire line of mounts from a company called iBolt.  They are one of the few companies I am aware of that bundle in an MFI (Made for iPhone) approved cable with their mounts.  Most iBolt MFI mounts have a cable management built in.  The cable management helps to keeps the cable in place versus dangling freely around your gear shift or arm. The mount that is pictured is my Apple iPhone 6s Plus mounted with the iBOLT xProDock Car Dock / Mount / Holder for iPhone 6 / 6+ / 6s / 6s+ – … Read more

How to Use a Suction Cup Mount on a Car Dashboard

Back when car mounts for GPS devices and cell phones were first available, you had one choice for placement and that was the windshield.  Times have changed a lot in the mobile device mount industry over the years and now there are mounts for almost anywhere.  Ironically though, the variety of mounts available for a car dashboard are somewhat limited.  This article is for those that want to use a suction cup mount on a car dashboard.  This article should be of special interest to those living in states where mounting a device on the windshield is illegal. Your average … Read more

iBOLT TabDock2 BizMount Tablet Car Mount

I was recently introduced to the iBOLT brand of car mounts.  iBOLT has some unique designs especially in the area of the cradle.  I decided to write an introductory article on one of their mounts that will work well for those looking to mount a midsize to larger tablet such as an Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad Mini or Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7.  The mount is called the iBOLT TabDock2 BizMount. The cradle is the most innovative part of the mount.  I look at a lot of mounts.  I mean a lot of mounts.  When it comes to tablet mounts, they almost … Read more

How to Prevent GPS Theft

So we’re eating dinner at a local restaurant on Route 46 in Northern New Jersey.  We leave after a 90 minutes meal to find a bunch of glass all over the parking lot.  I look at my car to find the passenger window smashed, my GPS stolen and the glove box all over the floor of the car.  I remember walking into the restaurant and several people from the kitchen staff were outside smoking and checking us out.  This is New Jersey and that’s the way the state rolls so I didn’t think anything about it at the time.  When … Read more

Car Dash Camera Mounts

Most dash cams have a typical 1/4 inch – 20 threaded hole at the bottom.  That’s a common pattern for tripods and there is a wide variety of camera mounts available for your car.  It’s worth noting that most action cameras make great dash cams.  That’s includes the very popular GoPro line.  The majority of action cameras also have that common screw hole pattern at the bottom.  If you have a GoPro, remove the weatherproof case from the camera and you will see that hole at the bottom.  The exception to the rule of the tripod hole is the Garmin … Read more

Garmin Portable Friction Car Mount Product Review

The Garmin Portable Friction Car Mount was introduced roughly 5 years ago.  The part number for this mount is 010-11280-02.  You will also see some older models listed as part number 010-11280-00.  This mount is made to be compatible with all Garmin Nuvi GPS models.  The mount requires the cradle that came with your GPS.  That cradle is likely still attached to your suction cup mount.  Removal of the cradle is a simple matter of pulling it off the suction mount.  Like the suction mount, the Garmin Portable Friction Mount has a 17mm ball which is standard to all Garmin Nuvi … Read more