How to Use a Suction Cup Mount on a Car Dashboard

Back when car mounts for GPS devices and cell phones were first available, you had one choice for placement and that was the windshield.  Times have changed a lot in the mobile device mount industry over the years and now there are mounts for almost anywhere.  Ironically though, the variety of mounts available for a car dashboard are somewhat limited.  This article is for those that want to use a suction cup mount on a car dashboard.  This article should be of special interest to those living in states where mounting a device on the windshield is illegal. Your average … Read more

iBOLT TabDock2 BizMount Tablet Car Mount

I was recently introduced to the iBOLT brand of car mounts.  iBOLT has some unique designs especially in the area of the cradle.  I decided to write an introductory article on one of their mounts that will work well for those looking to mount a midsize to larger tablet such as an Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad Mini or Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7.  The mount is called the iBOLT TabDock2 BizMount. The cradle is the most innovative part of the mount.  I look at a lot of mounts.  I mean a lot of mounts.  When it comes to tablet mounts, they almost … Read more

Car Dashboard Mounts

The car dash is a good place to mount a GPS, smartphone, radar detector, camera or small tablet.  In some cases, it’s the only option you may have.  In a prior article, we discussed a few states where mounting anything to your windshield is illegal leaving your dash the only logical place to mount a device that needs to see what is in front of you (for example a camera or radar detector).   The dashboard is a good place to mount anything that needs to remain near your line of site while driving. The key components of a good dash … Read more

Choosing the Right Cell Phone Car Mount

I remember when mobile phones first went mainstream with the infamous bag phone.  It costs 99 cents per minute to make a call.  You took a rubber antenna and used a suction cup to stick it to your windshield.  Call quality was sketchy and you only used it in an emergency.  That was about 25 years ago.  These have come a long way.  Next time you sit down at a restaurant, take a look around.  People no longer talk to each other while waiting for their dinner to arrive, they’re checking out Facebook on their phones. The use of mobile … Read more

Using a GPS in California or Minnesota

What do the states of Minnesota and California have in common?  Tick tick tick tick… Give up?  Up until fairly recently, it was illegal to put a GPS on your windshield in those states.  Imagine buying a new GPS with the suction mount and getting pulled over a few days later for using the mount in the box.  We got all kinds of stories from people after their wallet was $100 lighter and sold a lot of vent, cup holder and dash mounts as a result.  Fortunately, these two holdouts have now joined the rest of the country in permitting attachment … Read more