Spigen Stealth Car Mount for Smartphones

Spigen makes some excellent well priced cases and we recently discovered they also make some great car mounts.  Their mounts are somewhat unique shunning traditional cradles and using other means to secure the device within the mount.  The Spigen Stealth Car Mount for Smartphones is one of those unique mounts.  It fits almost all phones including a great big Apple iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The Spigen Stealth does not have a cradle.  The mount is shaped like a “V” and opens to grip your phone in landscape mode.  There are two sets of grooves molded onto the bottom within … Read more

Car Dashboard Mounts

The car dash is a good place to mount a GPS, smartphone, radar detector, camera or small tablet.  In some cases, it’s the only option you may have.  In a prior article, we discussed a few states where mounting anything to your windshield is illegal leaving your dash the only logical place to mount a device that needs to see what is in front of you (for example a camera or radar detector).   The dashboard is a good place to mount anything that needs to remain near your line of site while driving. The key components of a good dash … Read more

Choosing the Right GPS Car Mount

GPS systems have been around for many years.  While the technology has advanced considerably, the mounts that are provided by the manufacturer have stayed the same.  To this day, when you open your brand new GPS box, you will meet your new mount which will typically be a small suction cup similar to what you can purchased for a few dollars online.  The issue with these mounts is that you can use them in one place which is the windshield.  The second issue is that, well, what if you wanted to mount your GPS somewhere other than the windshield?  This … Read more