Car and Truck Cup Holder Tablet Mounts

Car and truck cup holder tablet mounts have some unique requirements versus those made for a cell phone or GPS.  They need to be able to hold a heavier device so need to seat themselves more securely within the cup holder.  Cup holder tablet mounts also need to extend themselves higher than ones made for smaller devices.  In other words, cup holder tablet mounts need a longer neck to accommodate the larger size of a tablet.  Especially when you start looking at cup holder tablet mounts for devices as large as an Apple iPad Pro. A cup holder is a … Read more

Using a Suction Cup Mount in a Cup Holder

No, that’s not a typo in the title.  Today we are talking about how to use your suction cup mount in a car’s cup holder.  This is a pretty nice idea.  I have always thought that vehicles have more cup holders than you could possibly have drinks, so go ahead and use one of them as a place to put your GPS, smartphone or even small tablet.  I have an SUV. There are two in the front middle, one in each of the four doors, two more embedded into the rear seat armrest and another two in the back where … Read more

iKross Car Cup Holder Powered Mount Product Spotlight

The iKross Car Cup Holder Powered Mount is one of those products that we find so unique that we were compelled to write about it.  I have always liked cup holder mounts for keeping your phone off the passenger seat.  It’s also a nice mounting location for keeping it out of the view of thieves looking for common windshield mounts. There are a lot of cup holder mounts on the market.  They have been around for years.  What makes this unique is that the mount integrates power connections along with it.  There are powered mounts for your car lighter but this is … Read more

How to Prevent GPS Theft

So we’re eating dinner at a local restaurant on Route 46 in Northern New Jersey.  We leave after a 90 minutes meal to find a bunch of glass all over the parking lot.  I look at my car to find the passenger window smashed, my GPS stolen and the glove box all over the floor of the car.  I remember walking into the restaurant and several people from the kitchen staff were outside smoking and checking us out.  This is New Jersey and that’s the way the state rolls so I didn’t think anything about it at the time.  When … Read more

Choosing the Right Cell Phone Car Mount

I remember when mobile phones first went mainstream with the infamous bag phone.  It costs 99 cents per minute to make a call.  You took a rubber antenna and used a suction cup to stick it to your windshield.  Call quality was sketchy and you only used it in an emergency.  That was about 25 years ago.  These have come a long way.  Next time you sit down at a restaurant, take a look around.  People no longer talk to each other while waiting for their dinner to arrive, they’re checking out Facebook on their phones. The use of mobile … Read more