XM and Sirius Satellite Radio Mounts

Ever wonder how a company started that specializes in electronics mounts?  The first mount we ever sold was a seat bolt mount for a Delphi Skyfi XM Radio.  Tired of having our personal radio plop onto the floor because the sticky tape didn’t hold, we found a mount that attached to the back of the Skyfi cradle that also attached to the car seat bolt.  We were so impressed with ourselves, we put one on eBay.  That was a long time ago.  We now sell thousands of mounts every year for everything from XM radios to Garmin GPS units and … Read more

Mounts for Vertical Vents

We have been asking about mounts that will fit on vertical vents for many years and there are finally enough out there for us to discuss.  Most cars have vent slots that go across versus up and down and almost all vent mounts are made primarily for horizontal vents.  The reason for this is that vent mount use a clip that grabs onto the horizontal slat.  They are not made for verticals.  We have run into a few car models where the vertical slats were spaced at the same width as the vent arms and they fit ok, but for most vertical … Read more

Arkon’s Camera Mount Line

Arkon has been in business for a long time making affordable mounts.  They were quick to recognize that the devices they make mounts for goes out of style quickly and have expanded their line to offer mounts for things people want to mount when they want to mount it.  Going back ten years ago, cameras were the size of a toaster.  Mounting a Polaroid on a motorcycle or within your car simply was not an option.  Today everybody has a camera on their phone or for a small investment now own small action videocams that are used to video their … Read more

Lots of New TomTom GPS Models, Not a Lot of Mounting Options

Where do we start?  TomTom has introduced so many new GPS units over the past six months.  We have difficulty keeping up with customer inquiries on new models.  As usual, TomTom makes a nice GPS. Roughly 10 models of the TomTom Via series, another ten for the TomTom GO.  And to add some additional confusion, the model numbers seem to overlap the TomTom XXL series (prompting a few to buy the wrong model accessories) TomTom continues to be a prominent player in the GPS market.  Features are market leading and keep track fairly well with Garmin (the other market leader). … Read more

Weatherproof GPS and iPhone Mounts for Motorcycles

Looking for a sealed weatherproof enclosure for your device on a motorcycle?  There’s not a lot of choices out there.  One excellent choice is to select the waterproof Garmin Zumo GPS series.  These are excellent GPS units, but let’s face it, $700 is a lot for a GPS.  The functionality of a Zumo is on par with many GPS models from Garmin, TomTom and Magellan in the $100 range. Why worry about weatherproof?  This is important for those that wish to leave the GPS attached to the bike overnight, or ride in the rain.  If you don’t do any of … Read more

Mount a Sirius XM Radio on your Motorcycle

Want to listen to Sirius XM Radio on your motorcycle?  There are three things to take care of.  Where to put it, how to power it, how to hear it.  This overview is applicable to most SiriusXM radios made over the past ten years so there is a good chance that what you have will apply. For power, a universal hardwire kit such as the Eklipse Charging System is what you need.  These universal adapters have an ending that is a receptacle shaped like your car accessory lighter.  It has an end cap that can be closed when not in use and will attach … Read more