Car and Motorcycle Mounts for Apple iPad Air 2

The Apple iPad Air 2 is what you get when the Mini is too small and the iPad is too large. This is Apple’s latest generation in their very successful mid-size tablet category.  The iPad Air 2 has some nice performance improvements versus the original iPad Air.  The A8 processor is 1.4x faster than the prior model and you can stuff the iPad Air 2 with up to 128GB of memory versus the older model where it topped out at 32GB.  The graphics processor is 2.5x faster and that’s a significant performance boost.  The back camera is better too at 8 MP versus … Read more

Finally a Good Desk Mount for your Cool Stuff

Remember when we used to get a newspaper delivered to the house.  This wasn’t too long ago.  Thanks to the internet and tablet computers, the demise of the printed newspaper is underway.  Newspapers that do not have a good internet strategy are becoming extinct.  I remember as a kid many years ago running outside in my pajamas before my neighbor could see me so that I could get the morning paper to read while eating my Captain Crunch.  I did this for many years until I slipped on the ice and fell.  Like any 10-year old kid, I got up … Read more