Sirius XM Car Antennas

There are a lot of Sirius XM car antennas being sold.  All are not the same.   There are wide variation in the quality of signal reception and durability.  You might think that Sirius XM are the only ones making antennas for their radios but there are several other manufacturers that make these even better than Sirius XM themselves. There are a few factors that you need to consider prior to selecting your antenna.  The most important decision is where you would like to place the antenna.  The antenna that comes with the Sirius XM car kit is typically a small … Read more

My Sirius / XM Antenna Looks Goofy on the Roof of My Car

Satellite radio was introduced roughly ten years ago and has changed dramatically since the original introduction of the Delphi Skyfi.  The most significant change is that SiriusXM is now built into many vehicles.  However, you might be surprised at how many standalone units are still in use.  The latest models include the Onyx, XMp3i, and the extension of the Stratus, Sportster and StarMate lines (they are up to the eight generation as of 2014).  That’s a lot of Sirius / XM antennas stuck to people’s car roofs. The standalone models all require an antenna to be mounted within the line of … Read more

External Antennas for your GPS

External antennas have been available for GPS units for a long time.  Ten years ago, it was a good addition to your GPS because the external antenna had a higher gain than the one internal to your GPS.  I remember using my old Garmin Streetpilot 2720 and needed to add an antenna to it because that silly little hockey stick shaped stub was not strong enough to pull in the satellites.  Over the years that has changed and people now use external antennas because they would like to keep the GPS where it cannot see the sky.  For instance, there are people … Read more