Garmin Hardwire Power Cable Product Overview

I always like to use original equipment whenever possible.  For hardwiring purposes, the Garmin Hardwire Power Cable is what is used for almost all their GPS devices that use a mini USB ending.  It’s manufactured by Garmin for their brand of GPS devices. There are a lot of reasons for wanting to hardwire your GPS to your vehicle.  Most popular is for attachment to a motorcycle as most do not have an accessory outlet.  Other popular hardwire locations are cars and boats.  Attachment is straightforward.  When not in use, the cable tucks neatly into a motorcycle saddlebag or under a … Read more

How to Attach a GPS to a Motorcycle

This is a common reason for readers coming to our site.  They want to attach a GPS to a motorcycle.  In some cases, the subject is very new to them and have no clue as to where to start or if it is possible.  This article is for that reader where we will discuss everything from selection of a device to installation of a good GPS mount.  It’s not hard to do.  Think of this article as a primer for beginners.Many motorcyclists use a GPS on their motorcycle.  Hooking a GPS up to your motorcycle can be an extremely simple … Read more

How to Hardwire your GPS to a Motorcycle or Car

Many GPS owners, especially motorcycle owners, would like to power their GPS while in use.  For most car owners, it’s an easy task to simply use the included charger and simply plug into the accessory port.  Not so for a motorcycle.  If not one of the lucky few to have an accessory port on your motorcycle, the likely solution is to either wire up an accessory port or hardwire your GPS to your motorcycle battery.  I always like to steer this task towards a motorcycle dealer but many motorcycle owners have the confidence and sometimes the ability to do it … Read more