Old School Garmin GPS Car Mounts and Holders

I remember my first GPS.  It was a Garmin Streetpilot III GPS.  These were large units. About the size of an average human foot.  Garmin provided an adhesive dash mount which was actually a good mount.  I remember when I replaced this GPS with a new Garmin Nuvi 350, I liked the mount so much more than the suction variety, that I used it for the Nuvi as well.  That was what I would call an old school Garmin GPS car mount. Back in the days of my old Garmin Streetpilot III GPS, the only company that made mounts for a … Read more

Mounts for Garmin Dash Cam 20 and Dash Cam 10

Garmin made a decision a few years ago to enter the camera market.  I suppose the popularity of the GoPro had something to do with it.  Combine it with the decline of the personal navigation device due to applications like Waze and Garmin needed to find other ways to keep Wall Street happy.  The quality dash cam market is a good idea as there aren’t many high quality ones available.  The Dash Cam 10 and Dash Cam 20 represent Garmin’s entry into this market.  They then followed this up with the NuviCam which we wrote about here.  The difference between the … Read more

Garmin Nuvi Car Suction Cup Mount Product Spotlight

The Garmin Nuvi series has been around for many years and the Garmin Nuvi Car Suction Cup Mount has been the one included since the beginning.  It’s as basic of a suction cup mount as you can get.  Fairly reliable and inexpensive.  Most buyers of this mount do so because after many years of use, their old mount has failed and need a new one and if you are confused about how to remove the cradle, be sure to read our article called How to Remove the Garmin Nuvi Ball Mount. I had one of the first Garmin Nuvi models ever made … Read more

Replacing the Garmin Nuvi Suction Cup Mount

Garmin has been providing the same basic mount with their Nuvi GPS models since the beginning when they introduced the Garmin Nuvi 350.  Unlike the older StreetPilot series, the Nuvi was much thinner versus the brick sized Streetpilot line and the suction cup mount, pictured within this article, was a bit new to Garmin.  That old Streetpilot was a large heavy unit, so the larger Streetpilots were typically used with a dashboard mount.  In fact, I don’t recall if a suction cup mount was even available. So you’re probably reading this article because, as the title indicates, you need to replace … Read more