RAM 2.25″ Ball Marine Electronics Mount Product Spotlight

RAM 2.25" Ball Marine MountRAM manufactures some great heavy-duty mounts for Fishfinders, Chartplotters and other marine electronics.  When it comes to a mount that can handle the largest and heaviest marine electronics, perhaps none are as versatile as the RAM 2.25″ Ball Marine Electronics Mount.  The addition of a mount such as this offer advantages that you will not get if simply attaching the manufacturer bracket to a flat surface.  The most obvious advantages are the ability to place the device at a variety of angles and the ease of removal of the device.

RAM makes their mounts with a few different ball sizes and this one uses the extra-large 2.25″ ball.  You can take a look at our article entitles RAM Mounts for the Common Man (or Woman) if not familiar with RAM nomenclature.  The larger the ball size, the heavier load the mount can hold.  This is a heavy mount weighing in at almost four pounds and standing at 8.125 inches high.  It is rated to hold up to a 15 pound load.  There aren’t a lot of marine devices that exceed 15 pounds.  For example, one of the largest Lowrance chartplotters – the HDS-12 Gen-3, weighs in at about 6 pounds.

The mount is comprised of three parts.  All parts are made of a powder coated marine grade metal mount that comes with a manufacturer lifetime warranty.  The mount is built upon a common concept for most RAM Mounts which is the ball and socket.  This mount has two balls and two sockets which allow easy adjustment of angles by simply loosening and tightening the knob in the middle.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the three components that are part of this mount.

The RAM 2.25″ Ball Round Base is at the bottom of the mount.  The rubber ball is molded to the 3.68″ round base.  The base has a series of pre-drilled holes for mounting to any flat surface.  Mounting bolts are not supplied, but you can pick them up at a hardware store.  We recommend using non-corrosive bolts since this area might come in contact with salt or fresh water.

A RAM 2.25″ Socket Short Arm is found in the middle of the mount.  This metal part has a socket on each end and is 5.0625 inches tall.  There is a flywheel in the middle that loosens and tightens the socket connections on the attaching balls.  Make sure the knob is very tight after getting the mount into your desired position.

The key component is the RAM Mounting Platform.  This part measures 11 x 3 inches and has a series of holes pre-drilled.  These holes match up to a variety of mounting brackets.  These are the mounting brackets which are provided by the electronics manufacturers with the device.  The brackets are typically known as gimbal brackets.  After aligning the bracket holes with the RAM platform, use bolts and nuts to attach it.  I have noticed that some electronics manufacturers include mounting bolts and some do not.  If you need to purchase some, be sure to get the non-corrosive variety if there’s a chance that water may be present at any time.  These work with most medium and large devices from Garmin and Lowrance including their HDS-12, HDS-10, HDS-9 and HDS-8 series chartplotters.

the RAM 2.25″ Ball Marine Electronics Mount is an excellent addition to what is likely a substantial investment in a Chartplotter or Fishfinder.  I like the added ease of device removal when leaving the boat docked.  It’s a lot quicker than removing the typical knobs at each end and worrying about losing the screws.  It’s also delivers the ability to easily adjust the angle and position of the device which you can’t get with the gimbal bracket that is delivered with the unit.

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