Garmin Nuvi Mounts for Stuff Other than a GPS

Garmin Nuvi Phone Adapter

With the mainstream use of SmartPhones for GPS use, there’s a lot of unloved mounts out there.  Apps such as Waze have been mentioned on the MountGuys Blog and it’s free to use for a GPS experience that you may find superior to your Garmin.

So I’m guessing that you are reading this because you have one of those excellent Garmin bean bag mounts known as the Garmin 010-10908-00 in official number speak.  Garmin makes some good heavy duty mounts (we aren’t fans of the suction cups that come packaged with the GPS but some of their others are pretty good).  Well you can use your Garmin Nuvi mount with devices other than the one it was intended for.  Manufacturers have become very aware of this technology transition and have introduced low price adapters.  They all include a round adapter that fits the 17mm ball on the Nuvi mount.  Typically includes a cradle or additional adapter to hold your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or even an iPad Mini.  These mounts typically include a tightening ring that will allow you to pivot and angle the phone when attached to the Garmin mount.  We have even seen a few cameras mounted on the old Garmin mounts.

Adding an adapter to the old Garmin mount is a good way to install a quality mount.  We typically see these adapters used on the Garmin 010-10908-00 bean bag mounts which we reviewed on this site.  You can read that review here.

So don’t throw that mount out just yet.  There’s still good use for it.