Mounts for the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Tablet at Home or in the Car

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite is a popular line of tablets running the Android operating system.  We are going to look at home and car mounts for the 7-inch model of Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite. Typically, the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite will normally be used at home or in the car.  Generally speaking, this is a tablet used for entertainment purposes.  It’s not normally used to run driving apps such as Waze.  So for the car, we’ll concentrate more on mounts to entertain back seat passengers. Before selecting a mount, be aware of the measurements of the … Read more

Treadmill Mounts for an Apple iPad or Other Tablet

Treadmills might be one of the most boring machines I use at Planet Fitness.  Clearly, I’m no workout guru, heck, this is Planet Fitness.  But I know the benefits of a good cardio workout.  I also know the effects of boredom and non-working TVs at Planet Fitness.  hence, our article on treadmill mounts for an Apple iPad or other tablet. When working out at my local Planet Fitness, they have a bank of televisions.  Half don’t work, the other half are tuned into CNN or Fox News.  That just adds to the monotony of working out.  I need something entertaining. … Read more

Car and Home Mounts for the Asus Zenpad S 8 Tablet

We’re finally writing about a tablet other than one made by Samsung or Apple!  The Asus Zenpad S 8 tablet was released roughly a year ago.  It’s a fraction of the price of most current Apple and Samsung tablets.  An economically priced tablet with good performance. The Asus Zenpad S 8 has an 8″ display similar to an Apple iPad Mini.  A 5MP rear camera and 8MP rear camera makes for good video conferencing and photos that don’t require extreme detail.  Running Android 5.0 and sporting a Quad-core processor, this tablet will provide good performance for most apps. Before selecting a … Read more

Tablet Mounts for Wheelchairs

I had to make several visits to a rehabilitation center last year.  I noticed a few patients getting around in wheelchairs with a tablet in their lap.  It didn’t look easy.  There appeared to be a fine balance between moving the wheelchair forward and not dropping the tablet.  These weren’t powered wheelchairs.  Today we’re talking about tablet mounts for wheelchairs. A good wheelchair mount needs to be able to do a few things right.  First, it needs to be easily installed somewhere on the wheelchair without drilling holes.  I like to use clamp and vice bases for this application. The wheelchair … Read more

Phone, GPS and Tablet Mounts for a Mercedes-Benz GLK350

I was able to get a look inside a Mercedes-Benz GLK350 the other day.  I instantly snap into MountGuys Labs mode to figure out what mounts will work. A photo of the interior of a Mercedes-Benz GLK350 accompanies this article.  It’s a fairly compact interior and finding good mounting locations was unexpectedly difficult.  So let’s see what’s going to work. My first choice for phone mounts goes to the windshield.  Nothing freakish about the windshield slope.  Not like my Nissan Murano. My recommendation for the Mercedes-Benz GLK350 windshield mount is the Arkon MegaGrip Suction Cup Windshield and Dash Mount.  The suction mount features … Read more

Airplane Passenger Seat Mounts for iPads and Tablets

So I’m on my way to Florida on a United Airlines flight when panic sets in.  The photo that accompanies this article is best case with DirecTV.  But on this flight, there’s no DirecTV or WiFi.  Out of the thousands of planes that United Airlines has in their fleet, I got stuck on the one without any entertainment installed.  I can’t possibly talk to my wife this long and my iPhone doesn’t have any games or movies installed.  This is going to be the most boring three hours of my life.  This is how I discovered the necessity for good airplane … Read more