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What Happened to the MountGuys Site?

Our site looks a lot different, doesn’t it?  After spending 70 hours a week on running our online business, we realized we needed to change things.  Working these long hours once in a while is ok, but after doing it steadily for over ten years, it began to affect our health and quality of life.  We decided to shift our focus.  We have retained a subset of our business to serve our prior customers and continue to offer our most popular products on Amazon.  Mounts we have sold in the past can be purchased on Amazon and may be accessed here or you may use the banner at the top of the page.

For several years, we had a blog attached to our site that many of you found useful.  We added articles as time allowed.  We decided to expand our blog and write with far more frequency.  We will continue to explain how to mount new stuff and use what you already have in ways you may not have thought about before.

Lower Your Sirius XM Subscription Price

Sometimes we wrote about topics that aren’t necessarily about mounts but kind of close.  Today is one of those days.

I recently reviewed my Sirius XM bill for two cars and realized I was spending over $340 annually.  That’s a lot of money.  This isn’t cable TV, it’s a radio.  And it’s one that I listen to for maybe an hour each day.  That’s almost $30/monthly to listen to music that I can hear for free.  Enough already.

So here’s where it got interesting.  I called Sirius and told them I wanted to cancel the subscription.  They connected me to the cancellation department and they asked why I wanted to cancel.  I told them that I have better things to do with $340 per year.  They apologized which seemed so silly.  If you have to apologize for something, shouldn’t you simply stop doing it?  Anyway, they then offered me a deal for $89 per year for each car.  That’s almost 50% off what I was paying.  I asked what happens after a year and she told me it goes back up to what I was paying before.  I told them no thanks.

Well then the lady from Sirius XM offers me a deal for $25 for six months.  That’s less than one third of what I was paying.  I asked her again what happens after six months, and she informed me it goes back up to what I was paying.  I again told her no thanks and disconnected my radios.

A few days later I was doing some searches on Sirius Radio subscriptions to see if there was something longer term in the way of deals.  Turns out there are a lot of people who take the 6 months for $25 deal then mark their calendars to call Sirius and request an extension of the deal.  According to what I read, they typically do that without an issue.  I’m sure your mileage may vary, but the point is that a phone call can likely yield you a better deal than what is offered off the rack.

So you might be asking yourself why didn’t I grab one of those deals.  The answer is no.  That big Sirius XM bill forced me to think out of the box.  I came to the realization that iPhone radio applications like RadioIO, TuneIn Radio and iRadioNOW offer thousands of radio stations.  Much of it is as good as what I was hearing on satellite radio.  The bandwidth needed to stream a radio station isn’t very much and barely made a dent in my data plan.  I can use Bluetooth or an audio cable to listen to my iPhone over my car’s speakers.  I simply activate the application when I get into the car and attach the audio cable and off we go.  If you have an Android OS phone, it’s even easier.  Using NFC technology, you can program your phone to start up the application when you attach it to the car mount.

So I’m saving over $340 per year.  Sirius XM Radio is a fine product and is especially useful if spending a few hours daily in New Jersey rush hour traffic.  If you really like your satellite radio, use some of these ideas to reduce your bill.  If you want some information about car mounts for Sirius XM Radio, here’s a link to our article on that topic.

Car and Motorcycle Mounts for the Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Arkon SM423-G with iPhoneiPhone bigger and better.  At least that’s what Apple calls it.  Recently made available, this is the most popular release to date of a new Apple iPhone.  It’s understandable, especially for those not already owning a more current phone.  The performance and functionality improvements introduced with the new phone as well as the new operating system (IOS release 8) are significant.  This is a site that focuses on the stuff needed to make your devices mobile, so if you want to read about some of the enhancements, take a few minutes to view it at Apple.

We would be remiss without mentioning one very important sets of features on the new iPhone 6 which is called iSight and Auto Image Stabilization.  This combines some new hardware and software enhancements that will permit you to shoot photos and videos that aren’t as prone to a shaky hand nor as susceptible to a vibrating vehicle.  This expands the potential of using your iPhone 6 for use as a dash camera or possibly for use on a motorcycle.  If you choose to do this, make sure the mount that you purchase leave the rear camera lens uncovered.

When it comes to mounting this phone, it’s important to know the dimensions of these devices.  The iPhone 6 is larger than any model announced to date.  With a 4.7 inch diagonal screen this phone is 5.44 inches tall by 2.64 inches wide by .27 inches deep.  The larger iPhone 6 Plus is even larger.  Sporting a 5.5 inch diagonal screen, this iPhone is 6.22 inches tall, 3.06 inches wide and .28 inches deep.  These are important measurements to keep in mind when selecting your mount.  For those with any custom iPhone mount which features a cradle specifically made for your iPhone, they aren’t going to fit and you will need to purchase a new mount, or at least a new cradle.  For those that have purchased a universal mount to hold your older phone, hopefully it opens wide enough to hold your new iPhone 6 series without a problem.  Most universal mounts offer options to upgrade your cradle to a larger one.  From experience, I suspect you will be able to reuse your existing universal mount for an iPhone 6, but not for the iPhone 6 Plus.  The iPhone 6 Plus is a really big phone.  It was made to compete with the larger models from Samsung such as the Mega and Galaxy Note.

Readers of our site already know that we favor the universal mounts because of the reasons just mentioned.  So for those that never had a phone mount before, avoid the custom solutions and purchase a solid universal mount.

There are a lot of companies that offer some excellent mounting solutions for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Arkon, based in California, offers three inexpensive lines that fit all iPhone 6 models with or without a case.  The Mobile-Grip 2 cradles were recently introduced.  Mobile-Grip 2 features an expandable cradle that grips your phone from the sides.  The cradle opens to 3.6 inches wide so should be large enough for almost all cases although you might struggle a bit with a thick case on an iPhone 6 Plus.  Arkon also offers an older line called Slim-Grip Ultra which opens to over 7 inches.  The Slim-Grip Ultra will hold your phone from the top and bottom and features support legs that can move from side to side.  Lastly, the Megagrip cradle opens to 3.4 inches.  The Megagrip has been around for many years and is extremely reliable.  The Megagrip features one hand operation and opens with the push of a button.  Arkon does not offer a custom cradle for any of the iphone 6 models.

iOttie, based in New York, provides some inexpensive mounts that feature the Easy One Touch 2 universal cradle which opens to 3.2 inches and will fit the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus without a case or skin.  When adding a thick case, this line may not fit well.  This cradle is spring loaded and sold with a variety of mounts for the handlebar, windshield and dash.  iOttie is somewhat new to us and we plan to look closer at their offerings in the near future.

RAM Mount, out of Washington, features two custom cradles.  The RAM-HOL-AP18U is made to fit the iPhone 6 and the RAM-HOL-AP19U will fit the iPhone 6 Plus.  Since it’s a custom cradle, these will not fit your device with a case or skin.  You can couple these with one of RAM’s mounting pedestals for the windshield, cup holder, dash or motorcycle.  RAM also makes their ever popular X-Grip cradle, the RAM-HOL-UN7BU for the 6 and RAM-HOL-UN10BU for the 6 Plus.  These universal cradles will open to grip your phone from the sides with or without a case or skin in use.  Although the custom cradles are well made, we prefer the X-Grip universal cradles.  It’s likely you will have a case or skin on your phone so go with the universal cradles.  We do a deep dive on the X-Grip series which is worth reading here.

As for recommendations, I have used and really like the Arkon MegaGrip SM415 Mount for universal car use.  This line is inexpensive and proven.  You can use it reliably on your car dash or windshield and it fits your iPhone 6 with or without a case.   The mount features a vacuum locked suction assembly attached to a pivoting arm.  The cradle opens and closes at a push of a button and expands up to 3.4 inches so it will git the iPhone 6 even with a case and an iPhone 6 Plus without a case or with a very thin skin.  The phone can swivel into any orientation.  The mount also comes with an adhesive disk that you can stick to the dash to turn the mount into a console mount.  The suction assembly can adhere tot he adhesive disk just like it would on a windshield.  I have used these for a long time and can vouch for the ease of use and durability.  Might be the best phone mount you can get for the price.

If you are looking to use your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus on a motorcycle, consider the RAM X-Grip line.  These are heavy duty mounts that are mostly constructed of metal.  The mount has gone through some rigorous shake tests and holds up well on a motorcycle.  We wrote about X-Grips extensively on this site and you can view that article here.  The mount that you would use for the iPhone 6 is the RAM-B-149Z-UN7U.  The iPhone 6 Plus needs a larger cradle so you would select the RAM-B-149Z-UN10U.

Mounting Components Discussed in this Article:

PhotoManufacturerDescriptionAmazon Link

iOttieSuction cup windshield mount with expandable cradle and telescoping armiOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder for iPhone 6 (4.7)/Plus (5.5) /5s/5c, Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3/Note 4/3, Google Nexus 5/4, LG G3 - Retail Packaging - Black

RAM MountCustom iPhone 6 holder for RAM mounting systemsRAM Mount Cradle f/Apple iPhone 6

RAM MountCustom iPhone 6 plus holder for RAM mounting systemsRAM Mount Cradle f/Apple iPhone 6 Plus

ArkonWindshield suction cup mount with universal cradleArkon Windshield and Dashboard Smartphone Car Mount Holder for Apple iPhone 6 Plus 6 5 5S 5C Samsung Galaxy Note 4 3 S5 S4 S3

RAM MountMotorcycle mount with X-Grip IV cradle to fit an iPhone 6 plusRAM Mounts (RAM-B-149Z-UN10U) Handlebar Rail Mount with Zinc Coated U-Bolt Base and Universal X-Grip Iv Large Phone/Phablet Holder

RAM MountMotorcycle mount with X-Grip cradle for iPhone 6RAM Handlebar Rail Mount with Zinc Coated U-Bolt Base and Universal X-Grip(TM) Cell Phone Holder

Tablet Mounts for Hospital Beds

Hospital BedA recent visit to a rehabilitation center and observing patients with large tablets leaning on their laps and stomachs led me to write this article about tablet mounts for hospital beds.  A tablet with an internet connection is important for someone spending some time away from home.  It helps to stay connected and see what’s going on in the world.  Downtime in a rehab center is long and boring.  Having a tablet allows the patient to keep in touch via email or FaceTime.  It provides some entertainment with news and game apps.  You can even watch TV with the Comcast application.  The problem is that a tablet can be heavy and awkward, especially with a case on it.  If it’s being used to watch the ball game, holding it for over two hours is impossible.  That’s the reason for this article.

The important attributes for a good tablet mount for beds is the ability to attach to a rail and to remain steady when the patient is interfacing with it.  Most hospital beds have a rail attached to the sides.  The diameter of the rails will typically be around an inch.  Some will be more, some less.  Measure it to be sure.  Remember that the diameter is the distance from one side to the other, not the circumference which is the distance around the bar.

I mentioned the ability to remain steady in last paragraph.  Put some thought as to the application that be used and the patients requirement to interface with the tablet.  You will want the mount to hold still when interfacing with the tablet.  In other words, you don’t want it to fall out of the mount when it’s being used.  You also should put some thought into how often the mount will need to be moved.  Think about details regarding frequency of installation or removal and the potential need to bend it out of the way without detaching the mount.

A great option for hospital beds is a gooseneck mount.  Most gooseneck mounts come with a clamp or vice type of attachment.  The Arkon Gooseneck Tablet Clamp is a nice example of a well made mount that works well on a hospital bed .  The bottom vice opens to over 2 inches and the 12″ gooseneck is stiff enough to hold up when you are using your tablet.  A nice feature of the gooseneck is that you can bend it out-of-the-way when getting in and out of the bed.  The accompanying cradle is a universal expandable model which opens wide enough to fit most tablets.   The cradle pivots and swivels.

Another option from the same company as the gooseneck comes with the same cradle.  The Arkon Heavy Duty Tablet Mount is made of metal and is more rigid that the gooseneck model we just discussed.  The clamp opens to 1.5 inches.  There are adjustment points at the base, midway and again at the cradle.  The cradle pivots and swivels.

An interesting mounting option is the Lapworks Armbot Mount.  Although more expensive than the other mounts already discussed, it provides a greater reach and more adjustment points.  The mount can be customized by adding or removing arms based upon the amount of reach or adjustment needed.  With all included arms attached, the mount can expand over 37 inches.  That’s clear across the bed.  The included expandable cradle opens to accommodate most tablets.

Finally, one last recommendation for a good mount is one that doesn’t attach to the bed at all.  The LEVO Floor Stand is a nice option if you have the room for it.  Just place the stand portion under the bed.  The cradle swivels from portrait to landscape.  The height spans from 30 to 56 inches.  Height extensions are available but if you are using this for hospital bed, this should suffice nicely.

Mounting Components Discussed in this Article:

PhotoManufacturerDescriptionAmazon Link

ArkonGooseneck tablet clampARKON Heavy Duty Table Desk or Wheelchair Tablet Mount with 12-Inch Neck and C Clamp Base for iPad Air Galaxy Note 10.1 (TAB086-12)

ArkonHeavy duty tablet mountArkon Heavy Duty Tablet Mount for Desks or Treadmills with 10 inch Arm and C Clamp for iPad Air iPad Galaxy Tablets

LapWorksExtra long tablet clamp mountLapWorks Armbot Bed and Desk Mount for Posing Your iPad or Tablets For Easy and Relaxed Viewing

LEVOTablet floor standLEVO Deluxe iPad Floor Stand for all iPads Galaxy Nexus Xoom Surface Miix Nook Fire and Other Tablets and eReaders Gunmetal Color - G2

GlareStomper GPS Sun Visor Product Review

GlareStomper 320 PartsA GPS sun visor is a terrific way to keep sun glare off a GPS.  This is especially useful with lower priced or older GPS units that do not have anti-glare displays.  We wrote a very detailed article on these which you can read here.

Most GPS sun visors on the market are constructed of rigid plastic and attaches to the GPS with a series of legs designed to hug the unit.  The problem with the plastic visors is that they will cover a part of the display and because the attaching mechanism is never tight, it can fall off in high vibration environments especially motorcycles.  The plastic visors are not compatible with custom mounts such as those from RAM as they change the shape of the GPS and cannot fit inside the custom cradles.  In fact, they aren’t likely to fit inside a universal cradle either.  Lastly, the plastic visor may interfere with the power button.

The GlareStomper GPS Sun Visor features a unique practical design that works better than almost anything else we have seen.  As seen in the accompanying photo, the visor is constructed of flexible fabric.  Attachment to your GPS is accomplished with a thin Velcro strip which attaches to the top and sides of the GPS.  If necessary, the visor can be trimmed to accommodate any power buttons.  The attachment is secure as long as the Velcro strips are properly aligned.  The sun shade is ideal for high vibration environments and have been successfully used on motorcycles where sun glare is often an issue.

When attached to the GPS, the GlareStomper extends to the sides.  This is an important feature of a good sun shade as it blocks the sun glare coming at the side as well as the top of the GPS.

Another advantage of this line of sun visors is the ability to use these with custom mounts such as those from RAM.  Depending upon the GPS model, the visor may actually be able to be used within the cradle as it adds very little additional dimension to the GPS unit.  We also know of applications where the user of the GlareStomper attached it to the outside of the RAM cradle.

Installation and removal is easy.  To install it, simply place the thin Velcro strip around the top and sides of your GPS then take the shad and line up the Velcro on the shade to the one you pasted to the GPS.  Whn you remove your GPS, you can detach the sun shield or simply fold it over the GPS.  The GlareStomper features the ability to fold it shut over the display for compact storage without removing the glare shield.

The only apparent downside of the GlareStomper is the ability to use it for multiple GPS units since there is only a single Velcro strip within the package.  Although this can be easily overcome by purchasing an additional strip at your local hardware store and then trimming it.

The GlareStomper comes in several sizes.  The two most popular models are the 320 and 322.  The GlareStomper 320 is typically used for GPS units with a 4.3 inch diagonal display screen and can also be used for GPS displays of 5 inches.  The GlareStomper 322 is made for larger GPS units from 5 inches and larger.  GlareStomper also has a smaller model called the 316 for 3.5 inch displays as well as the 324 which is normally used on marine applications such as Fishfinders and Chartplotters.

Motorcycle Mounts for GoPro

Arkon GP132The GoPro Hero line of action cameras continues to dominate.  This is a great camera to use on your motorcycle for video of your ride.  Today we take a deeper dive into motorcycle mounts for GoPro.

I’ve said it before, it never ceases to amaze me to see what people attach to their bikes and how they do it.  The most popular mounts found on motorcycles are made by RAM.  They make solid mounts which are designed to withstand the vibrations of a motorcycle.  This is important when using a camera as any shake is magnified 10 times with a camera and you will get seasick watching the video so invest in a high quality mount for your expensive GoPro camera.  Good motorcycle mounts are available from TechMount and Arkon.  This article will discuss what you need to think about before purchasing your motorcycle mount for a GoPro and provide a few recommendations.  Always be sure to tether your device for added safety even when using a mount.

First a word or two about the weatherproof case that comes with the GoPro.  Use it.  Removing the case takes away an important layer of protection against weather, stones and insects.  A good way to ruin your camera quickly is to use it without the case.  That case has a unique attachment on the bottom that uses a threaded thumbscrew to attach to a mount.  Remember how it was attached to a small stand when you purchased the camera?  That’s exactly how it will attach to the mount.

First, figure out where you wish to put it.  I would say that 80% of all motorcycle mounts sold are made for your handlebar.  Most handlebars are 1.25″ diameter, but there are some larger, some are smaller, so measure the diameter of your handlebar.  The diameter is the distance across, not the distance around (that’s the circumference).  When it comes to a good handlebar mount, there are two that we recommend.  The RAM handlebar mount for GoPro includes a custom attachment that fits the weatherproof case that came with the camera.  The mount includes a 3-inch arm with adjustment points at the case and the att he camera attachment.  These mounts are made of metal and the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.  The second mount that we recommend for handlebar use is the Arkon handlebar mount with custom GoPro attachment.  This can be adjusted just below the camera attachment.  The mount includes rubber strips to prevent marring your handlebars.  Unlike the RAM mount, there is only a small extension and this mount is better for motorcycle owners looking for a near flush mount to the handlebar.  This mount is made of plastic.

Some motorcycles such as a Honda Goldwing do not have a traditional handlebar.  On some cases, maybe you do not want to mount it on a handlebar.  In these cases, you will use a clutch mount.  These mounts include bolts which will replace the ones that are already in place.  Detailed instructions are provided which will show you how to install it and it really is a fairly simple operation.  The Techmount GoPro Clutch mount is a very capable option for consideration in this spot.

Lastly, the Techmount Fork Stem GoPro Mount is an easy to install option for this space.  The mount comes equipped with six stem shafts with varying diameters to fit virtually all-steering stem holes.  Select the right size for your stem and slide it down into the top of the fork steering stem. The stem adapter includes an O-ring, which progressively gets tighter as you slide it slides it into the stem shaft, keeping your device attached securely to your motorcycle.  The TechMount kit has a 17mm ball at the end which ironically is the same size used by a Garmin Nuvi GPS cradle.  So it’s actually two mounts in one.  Use it for your Garmin Nuvi when not using your camera.  If you would like to add a universal phone cradle to this mount, there are many options.  TheTechMount cradle kit with included safety bungee has a 17mm adapter that will fit over the ball on the stem mount.  The resulting cradle installation sits roughly an inch off the stem.

Mounting Components Discussed in this Article:

PhotoManufacturerDescriptionAmazon Link

RAMMotorcycle handlebar mount for GoProRAM Mount GoPro Hero Adapter Handlebar Rail Mount

ArkonMotorcycle handlebar mount for GoProArkon Bike or Motorcycle GoPro Handlebar Mount for GoPro HERO Action Cameras

TechmountMotorcycle clutch mount for GoProGoPro Motorcycle Control Mounting Kit - Harley-Davidson and Metric - Techmount Gen 4 | Securely Mounts Your Camera to Your Motorcycle - All in One Mounting System for Your GoPro Video Camera.

TechmountMotorcycle fork stem mount for GoProTechmount Motorcycle Fork Tube Stem GoPro Mount


Magnetic GPS Mounts

The mount industry has finally warmed up to magnetic mounts.  We first wrote about magnetic mounts a few years ago and we were puzzled why there weren’t a bunch available.  The only ones that we knew of back then were from a company in Italy who charged quite a bit for these versus where the prices were for the non magnetic models.  We were big fans of magnetic mounts because of the ease in installing and removing your device from your car.  There’s nothing easier.  Well since we first discovered our first magnetic mount, things have changed and the industry has really embraced the concept.

Using a magnetic mount is easy.  Almost all magnetic mounts consist of a mount with a magnet and an adhesive metal strip that attaches to the back of your device.  The metal plate is larger than the magnet and you simply line it up when you mount it.  These work well with GPS units that have a flat back.  A few older models have rounded backs and I don’t think magnetic mounts are going to work well in these cases.

The majority of magnetic mounts are marketed for cell phones.  I have found that most magnetic mounts can handle up to about 8 ounces.  That’s enough to handle most 5″ GPS units.  Examples of weights would be a Garmin Nuvi 2539LMT which is a 5 inch diagonal screen GPS coming in at 6.5 ounces.  A larger Nuvi 2639LMT which has a six-inch diagonal screen weighs 9.5 ounces.  This doesn’t mean that you will not find a magnetic mount that will work with larger GPS units.  It all depends upon the strength of the magnet and the size of the metal plate that will attach to the back of the GPS.

The location of the mount is another consideration to take into account.  You can place mounts almost anywhere in your car or truck.  I find the best locations to be the windshield, dash or vent when using magnetic mounts.  You want a place that’s near eye level and where you don’t need to take your eyes off the road to look at the GPS so these locations work well.  The vent is another one of those mounts that has become really popular over the past few years.

So let’s look at what’s out there.

The Scosche MagicMount is an adhesive dash mount that includes several size metal strips that adhere to your device.  Use the largest strip for your GPS and adhere it to the back.  The mount includes a 3M adhesive strip to paste it onto the car dash.  It features a swivel and pivot feature and is low in profile.  If you don’t want to stick anything to your dash, that’s ok, this Scosche MagicMount is a similar mount but includes a non skid base versus the adhesive.  It’s quite a bit larger but you don’t need to worry about the adhesive.

The TrekkerTech PhoneRider is a windshield suction cup mount that includes a strong magnet and adhesive metal strip.  They actually claim that you can use these for tablets, so this might be one that can be used for larger GPS units as well.  This is one of those mounts with a sticky bottom which means you can use it on your windshield or dash.

The iOttie Magnetic Car Mount is a good option for those wanting to place their GPS on the vent.  This is a well made mount.  Use the larger metal plate.  The mount is strong as it features six Rare Earth Magnets which provides a six-pound pull force to give a strong grip.

As with any mount, never text or program your GPS while driving

Mounting Components Discussed in this Article:

PhotoManufacturerDescriptionAmazon Link

ScoscheMagnetic adhesive dash mountSCOSCHE MagicMount- Magnetic Dash Mount for Mobile devices - Car Mounts - Frustration-Free Packaging - Black

ScoscheMagnetic dash mountScosche MagicMount Mat Magnetic Mount MAGMAT for GPS, Smartphones, Tablets and more up to 8"- Black

TrekkerTechSuction cup magnetic mountUniversal Car Phone Mount - PhoneRider (TM) - The Ultimate Cell Phone Mount Holder For Travel & Home Use | Best Grip to Dashboard, Windshield, Desk etc. | Strongest Magnetic Head Securely Mounts Mobile Cell Phones, Phablets, GPS, Small Tablets Including Samsung Galaxy S5/Note 4, iPhone 5s/5c/6/6 Plus(6+), LG G3 etc. | Fully Adjustable | Top Rated Customer Service | Unbeatable 5-YEAR Guarantee

iOttieCar vent magnetic mountCar Mount, iOttie iTap Magnetic Air Vent Mount for iPhone 6/6 Plus/5s/5c, Galaxy Note 4/3, Galaxy S6/ S6 Edge/5/4

Sirius XM Car Antennas

Sirius / XM Antenna MountThere are a lot of Sirius XM car antennas being sold.  All are not the same.   There are wide variation in the quality of signal reception and durability.  You might think that Sirius XM are the only ones making antennas for their radios but there are several other manufacturers that make these even better than Sirius XM themselves.

There are a few factors that you need to consider prior to selecting your antenna.  The most important decision is where you would like to place the antenna.  The antenna that comes with the Sirius XM car kit is typically a small two-inch square with a magnet on the bottom.  It comes with a roughly 20-foot cable and we find most do the obvious thing which is to put it on your roof and run the wire to the radio somewhere in the center of your console.  If you never have a passenger, this may work well.  If you have a passenger, consider mounting the antenna inside your car.  We wrote an in-depth article on this topic which you can read here.

Most Sirius XM owners can use the antenna that comes with the car kit.  This is a good antenna that isn’t too large.  As previously mentioned, a lot will simply use the magnetic bottom to adhere it to the rook.  Some will use an antenna mount.  Others will actually snake the antenna wire through the interior lining of the car to hide most of the cable.  I personally liked to use the mount and was always worried about taking apart the interior lining for fear I wouldn’t get it back in properly.  I recently saw a guy driving down Route 3 in New Jersey with his windows open and the interior lining from the roof was loose and actually hitting him in the head.  I wondered to myself if he tried to snake the antenna cable and didn’t tuck it in right.

If you are real serious about your satellite radio and don’t mind an antenna that’s a bit large, a mirror mounted antenna might be what you are looking for.  Really not a bad design, and it’s typically used for trucks and rigs but can work on a car.  These antennas have high performance features for certain XM satellites and comes equipped with a very thick coax cable.

Another unique antenna is one that attaches to the outside of the windshield.  This antenna kit uses a combination of silicone and magnets to get the signal to the inside of your car.  It minimizes the wires that you need to run but does still require some wiring.  It’s a unique design and in my opinion beats the look of the magentic antenna on the roof.

A last suggestion is to use a flush mount antenna that is typically used for boats.  This one can be mounted on your dash or anywhere on the car.  Be aware that you would need to likely drill a hole to run the antenna wire through.  Some don’t mind doing this in the name of a clean installation look but do think about how someone may react to this when you go to sell your car years from now.

Mounting Components Discussed in this Article:


PhotoManufacturerDescriptionAmazon Link

Sirius XMSirius XM dot antenna with magnetic bottomAudiovox SUVA2 SIRIUS Satellite Radio Magnetic Roof Mount Antenna

TramMirror mounted antennaTRAM 7743 Satellite Radio Mirror-Mount Antenna

Think WirelessWindshield mounted antennaSIRIUS XM Satellite Radio Glass Mount Antenna, Works with SiriusXM Radio Receivers

ShakespeareFlush mount antennaShakespeare SRA-25 Ultra Low Profile Sirius Marine Antenna

iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount Product Review

iOttie Easy One Touch Car MountThe iOttie Easy One Touch car mount is a nice entry that’s been available for several years.  The mount can be used on your windshield or car dashboard.  Like most suction mounts, this is includes a cradle and a base.  It comes packaged with clearly illustrated instructions on how to use the mount.  Looking at the included instructions, they claim that the suction part of the mount is strong enough to hold a bowling ball and include a photo to attest to that.

The cradle is not overly substantial but is adequate to hold most phones.  The cradle expands from 2.1 to 2.9 inches.  My Apple iPhone 5s with an Otterbox Defender case fit nicely inside the cradle.  Them width of the cradle is enough to handle most phones including the iPhone 6 which is 2.64 inches wide or a Samsung Galaxy s6 which is 2.78 inches.  Larger phones such as the iPhone 6 Plus are going to be too large for this cradle.  Be sure to measure your device before purchase to ensure it will fit within the 2.9 inch limitation.

A nice feature of the cradle is the mechanism deployed for opening and closing.  There is a button on each side of the cradle that you press before inserting your phone.  This will expand the side wings to the maximum width.  Place your phone into the cradle and push it against the button on the back of the cradle.  The cradle will close tightly around the phone.  The bottom of the cradle has a drop down adjustable feature.  Twisting a knob on the back of the cradle will allow you to drop the bottom support legs about a half-inch as well as move it from side to side so that you can use a cable on the bottom of your phone.  Compared to many other adjustable cradles, this one is not as deep.

The suction cup mount features a sticky base with a lever.  Push the lever down to create a lock between the mount and the surface you are attaching it to.  This sticky base allows the mount to be deployed onto the dashboard in addition to the windshield.  The sticky base worked well on my textured dashboard.  If you continually remove the mount from your car, the stickiness of the base will diminish over time.  A trick to restore the sticky base is to rinse it warm soapy water and let it air dry before use.  Be aware that sometimes these sticky bases can leave a mark on your dash.  Although I didn’t experience the issue in the short time that it was used, be aware of the potential for the issue to occur.

The base has several adjustment points.  The attachment to the cradle has the ability to pivot and swivel 360 degrees.  The base mount will attach to your cradle using a three-pronged  mounting pattern which proved to be secure.  There is an additional adjustment midway on the mounting base.  Turn the know to loosen the mount and you can then adjust the angle and position of the cradle.  This is nice if using on your windshield and you wish to angle it down to the driver.

After using the iOttie Easy One Touch mount for a few days, I can recommend it for use on the dashboard or windshield.  It held up well to normal driving, didn’t fall off and held my iPhone 5s securely.  It was easy to install and remove and the cradle is kind of fun to open and close.

Cell Phone Mounts for Wheelchairs

WheelchairA recent walk through a rehabilitation center with patients carrying their cell phones on their laps reminded me to write this article.  Moving around in a wheelchair is difficult and having to worry about your phone while doing it makes it worse.  So here we go with some suggestions for cell phone mounts for wheelchairs.

Although there are a few exceptions, most wheelchairs are built similarly.  They are constructed of metal circular bars with padding added to the armrest.  The diameter of the round bars are typically in the .75 to 1.25 inch range.  You will see some mounts out there with a spring-loaded clamp to grip a flat surface.  Avoid those as they can easily slip off of a round bar.  The mount should either bolt over the round bar or clamp via a vice type of attachment.

It’s difficult to find mounts made specifically for wheelchair use.  However, the diameter of the round bars that are used to construct a wheelchair are similar to that of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  So this is a good place to start.  A lot of motorcycle cell phone mounts are made to fit flush to the handlebar.  This is unlikely to work well on a wheelchair as the armrest will be in the way.  You will need a mount that will attach just below the armrest and then extend so it can be viewed by the person seated in the wheelchair.  Be sure to measure the diameter of the bars on the wheelchair as well as the width of your phone before shopping for a mount.

A good motorcycle cell phone mount that has an extension to lift it above the armrest is the RAM X-Grip mount.  We wrote a very detailed article on the X-Grip cradles which you can read here.  The mount includes a u-bolt to fit bars with a diameter up to 1.25 inches.  Constructed of metal, this includes a three-inch arm that lifts the cradle above most armrests.  There are adjustment points at the base and the cradle.  These easily open to fit phones up to 3.25 inches wide.  If you have a phone wider than 3.25 inches, such as an iPhone 6 Plus, then look at the same mount with a larger cradle.

Another great option is a gooseneck mount.  Most gooseneck mounts come with a clamp or vice type of attachment.  I mentioned before that you should avoid a clamp, and go with a vice.  You can purchase a gooseneck vice along with a cell phone cradle.  These are both made by the same company and are made to fit together.  The mounting base has two tabs which fit two slots on the back of the cradle.  This is a nice combination for a wheelchair.  The bottom vice opens to over 2 inches and the 12″ gooseneck is stiff enough to hold up when you are using your phone.  A nice feature of the gooseneck is that you can bend it out-of-the-way when getting in and out of the wheelchair.  Avoid buying components from different companies as sometimes these will not fit together too well.

If your wheelchair has an unpadded area where a flush mount can be placed there is a phone mount that will work real well.  This mount is normally used on motorcycles.  It features a bolt on attachment that fits diameters to 1.25 inches.  The included cradle opens to 3.4 inches.  A safety bungee is also part of the package which s a nice feature to keep your phone in the mount.  The bungee is optional and can be removed if you would prefer to leave it off.

Mounting Components Discussed in this Article:

PhotoManufacturerDescriptionAmazon Link

RAMX-Grip mount with three inch armRam Mounts RAM-B-149Z-UN7U Handlebar Rail Mount with U-Bolt Base and Universal X-Grip Cell Phone Holder, Zinc Coated

ArkonGooseneck with clampArkon Clamp Mounting Pedestal with 12 inch Gooseneck

ArkonCell phone cradleMega Grip Universal Smartphone Holder for Apple iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6 5S 4S 3GS Samsung Galaxy Note 4 3 S6 S5 S4 HTC One M8

ArkonFlush cell phone mountArkon iPhone Bike Mount Smartphone Handlebar Mount for Apple iPhone 6 Plus 6/5S/5C, Samsung Galaxy S6/S5 Note 4/3 and HTC One M8



Motorcycle Drink Holders

Riding in hot weather, especially wearing a helmet, is tough work.  You need to stay hydrated. Today, we discuss options available for motorcycle drink holders.

A few key points to address before selecting your drink holder mount is how large of a drink you will want to place into the holder.  I have seen riders with a coffee mug taking sips at red lights.  This happened in Naples Florida where it’s a much  more relaxed environment than my home state of New Jersey.  Here in New Jersey, I typically see bottles of water.  You also need to think about where you would like to put the holder.  There are a variety of places to install it available in a variety of finishes from chrome to jet black.  Lastly, if you ride with a passenger, you might want to install a drink holder for the person behind you.

The most common location to mount anything, including a drink holder, is the handlebar.  There are a lot of handlebar varieties available.  The Kruzer Kaddy has been around for a long time.  It’s a chrome mount that fits your handlebars and accommodates most drink sizes.  As far as I know, this company only makes one line of products and it’s a motorcycle drink holder.  Well made and weighs a little less than a pound.  These fit handlebars up to 1.25 inches which covers the vast majority of motorcycles.  These are available in a variety of finishes including chrome, black and a leather finish.  Kruzer Kaddy provides a foam insert for the cup holder and most bottles and cups will fit in it as long as there is no handle such as those found on a coffee mug.

Another nice drink holder option for the handlebar is the RAM Mount product.  This is a different design versus Kruzer Kaddy.  The mount features a self leveling cup holder.  RAM Mounts work on a ball and socket concept and the drink holder component hangs on a pendulum which is designed to  stay level when riding.  It also includes a foam insert for smaller bottles.  Unlike most drink holders, there is a cutout that will permit the handle from a coffee mug to be used.  These mounts also fit handlebars to 1.25 inch diameter and is available in a black finish.  RAM provides a lifetime warranty on their products.

Other model motorcycles especially from Honda and Harley-Davidson can use a mounting base that fits over the clutch or brake reservoir.  Similar to the mount just described, the RAM clutch mount includes the same drink holder along with a mounting base that includes a set of bolts that will replace the ones from the manufacturer.  Installation of these mounts is more difficult that simply bolting one to your handlebar.  If you aren’t comfortable doing some minor work on your bike, any motorcycle mechanic can install this for you in a short period of time.  Like the mount just described in the prior paragraph, this also carries a lifetime warranty.

For those that want to be a good motorcycle host, you can even get a drink holder mount for your passenger.  A wide variety of passenger drink holder mounts is made by a company called Kuryakyn.  We have written about this company’s mounts in prior articles.  Good quality and typically made of chrome.  These mounts are a bit more custom-made than others, so be sure to check for compatibility prior to purchase.  These typically attach around the area of or directly to the seat handle of your motorcycle.

If you exercise safety and precaution with use of these mounts, they might be an accessory that you may consider to be a worthwhile addition.  Read all directions and precautions from the manufacturer before use.

Mounting Components Discussed in this Article:

PhotoManufacturerDescriptionAmazon Link

Kruzer KaddyChrome drink holder for handlebarsMotorcycle Cup Holder - Kruzer Kaddy Chrome Handlebar Mountable Cup Holder

RAMDrink holder for motorcycle handlebarsRAM Mount RAM-B132R Drink Cup Holder with U-Bolt Base

RAMDrink holder for motorcycle clutch or brake reservoidRAM Mounts (RAM-B-174-132) Combination Brake/Clutch Reservoir U-Bolt Mount with Self-Leveling Cup Holder and Cozy